Apple iPod Nano 8GB, 5th Generation Woot Info Post
run for the!

Apple iPod Nano 8GB, 5th Generation [Refurbished] - $89.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Apple iPod Nano 8GB, 5th Generation with Video Camera and FM Tuner

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Get the Evo instead :slight_smile:

$99 from Apple right now, so after shipping you get $5 off.

How is the reception on the FM tuner? Anyone ever had any trouble getting signal in the gym?

That Photoshop is TERRIBLE!

Edit: or is the lighting just weird? feels dumb

Manufacturer’s website

I still don’t have an Ipod, and this one won’t be the first at $95.

The price is considerably better than Amazon’s similar offering however…

Bought one before on woot. Battery died quickly after normal use. It’s usually a gamble to buy r3furb. Just a heads up

Will it Rockbox? That is the question.


Never seen these this low, $130 on Amazon.

for a few bucks more you can buy a used 8 gig ipod touch that will work better love my wifi on it will never go back to my 8gig nano 30 and 60 gig video classic

I have this to use when working out. Because lugging around my iPhone was not gonna happen. I love it. Talk all the trash you want about apple. This still rocks!

Apple charges sales tax to NY, and Woot does not, so NY wooters save a bit more.

If you buy directly from Apple ($99 plus free shipping) you get a 1 year warranty. I love woot, but this is no deal.

I see the June effect for Apple is still in place. Out with the refurb, in with the new!

So, does this mean I get my phone OS upgrade this month?

Link / sauce?

First look at YouTube

Yes, Apple offers 1 year warranty while woot gives you 3 months.

The one on Apple’s site is only $5 more (including shipping), and has both a 1-year warranty and a guaranteed new battery and outer shell (they mention it on the page):