Apple iPod Classic 160GB 7th Generation - Silver



But I just bought the fuze! I would have bought 3 for sure!

At least it isn’t a TV…these are at 7th gen now?


$221 at Wal-Mart


Instead of upping the Gen, they need to just start putting slashes on the back of them so I can tell the difference.

Holy crap, I thought it said 16GB…

Only 58 of these?

The BOCO is offered at the ~same time, every woot-off. Not AM, not middle of the night, etc… That’s why the first-day “Aww why no Baggie yet?!?” whiners are the worst. Followed by the 0-woots bought crowd, who incessently type “B-O-C NAO???” every item…

You can rest easily, there will be no BOCO tonight.

YES! You Win!!


Anyways, glad I got my Sansa Fuse. These are seriously up to 7th gen?! Wow.

will this work with my iPhone?

capacity versus touch screen?

doesn’t seem like many would want the traditional iPod anymore?

What color are the earbuds?

Will this work with my iTunes?

Would the silver color clash with my double beer can holding red ball cap?

Black version available at Overstock for limited time at $214.99

Only if you’re using clear straws.

Aren’t the people who Post “first” just ironic at this point? Please? I want to believe we live in a world where they are just making fun of us at this point.