Apple Watch Series 4 (Your Choice: Color)

Apple Watch Series 4 (Your Choice: Color)

Well, if I got one of these and the battery capacity was down to 85% I would be concerned. I have a Series 3 (which has to be at least a year older than these) and it’s only down to 94%. It still works fine and lasts a whole day. I take it off when I’m sleeping. It’s all good, but 94% is quite a ways from 85%. Just sayin’.

In comparison, my iPhone X battery is down to 88% and Apple is already telling me it’s time for a new one and, unfortunately, they’re right. There’s no way it will get me through a day. I realize that an Apple Watch and an iPhone are two different things, but I don’t think I would want to get one with an aging battery. Just a thought. I’d feel better if they were tested to be at least 95%

I’m sure many of them are 95% but they’re just taking precautions to say that if it’s 85 or better they’ll be selling it LOL still a great deal can’t lose either way

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the watches will all have at minimum 95% battery. The 85% is standard text that woot has used in the past for refurbished cell phones.


Do these work with Android?

Good to hear! Thanks for the response.

Errr not really. There’s a lot of articles online that talk about this, here’s one that I found: Can you use an Apple Watch with your Android phone? | iMore

So much for 95%. Just got mine and it’s 84%. Lovely.

Er, that was supposed to be a joke…