Apple Watch Series 4 (Your Choice) (S&D)

Apple Watch Series 4 (Your Choice) (S&D)

I bought a watch last week. The battery was way under what was promised in the description. I emailed last Thursday and told 48 hours to see if there was a replacement. Four Days Later I am still waiting to find out if I can get a replacement or not. Been a Wooter for a long time and this is the first time I have had an issue when there was a problem. VERY disappointed.

I’m sorry about the delay. I chatted with my CS pal and they’re getting back to you today.

I bought this watch during the previous offering and the battery health was WAY under what was advertised. Contacted CS and they offered me, partial refund, replacement, or send it back for full refund. I opted to send it back. I definitely would like one of these watches but the refurbisher appears to be misleading the battery health.

Yeah- I finally got the replacement today and it was just as bad as the first. I am guessing they are hoping people will not check them out. first one was 79% and this one was 78% out of the box.

I’m very sorry. Please reach out to CS.

I also fell into this trap.
Series 4, black Stainless Steel, Jumped on the offer and was very happy to receive the watch.
The unfortunate part is, I do not live in the USA.
And i had it shipped all the way to me in Africa, fired it up and checked the battery health - 71% Heart wrenching!
I updated to OS9 and the health improved to 77.
Watch lasts 8 hours Max with Notifications off, my antique Stainless Steel Series 2 still gets me 18 hours easy.
Worst part it doesn’t charge up to 100%, hits a stall around 78%. And then proceeds to overheat!
I was sent a complete dud!

Got in touch with CS, got the option for partial refund ($27 refunded to card and $10 account credit), full refund or replacement (which they dont have any in stock).
Sending it back to the USA will cost me $60 (shipping it from the USA down here was $30).
So if im sending it back for a refund, i would be $90 out of pocket.

This was my first ever woot purchase, how could this happen? And i see i’m not the only one?
My seller was kind enough to leave a card containing his business name in the watch box.

KissElectronicsNYC if you are reading this, shame on you!
Sorry i just needed somewhere to rant/vent

Hi there. Sorry for the issue. Woot CS offered you the only options we can since it has been shipped out of the country.

I completely do understand the CS position.
But, what is Woot doing about Quality Control to mitigate these issues from popping up in the future?
As a first time user, I am scarred for life as I now assume no one actually checked the devices before they were warehoused or shipped out.

How do I trust the brand now?
I can’t!

We sell hundreds of watches and our return rate on these is very low. I’m sorry that you got a bad one. Our groups monitor returns by both item and vendor.

Scarred for life… :upside_down_face: