Are airfryers really worth the hype?

Are airfryers really worth the hype?

I finally took mine out of the box. Looked at it. Read the instructions then put everything back in the box.


Doesn’t seem…natural, somehow


No no their not


Hype, no! However, there is utility for the crispy. Just look for a sale. Like on a site… I forget the daily deal site’s name. On the tip of my tongue

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Not sure it’s really a hype. It’s a technological progress. From the stick fire to the wood and coal stove, to the gas stove, electric stove, and so on.
It’s practical, it saves time, keeps kitchen cooler, allows for healthier foods (less or no grease) without compromising the quality and taste. It also beats the microwave for cooking most solid foods, except for maybe the steamtables.
I am all for it.


Limited use. Great if you want e.g., crispy skin on salmon or to reheat fried chicken or tater tots.

Very bad idea for cooking thick cuts of pork or thin cuts of beef. That either undercooks parasites or results are suitable for resole of shoes.

External temperatures get very hot fast (can burn) while internal temperatures may not reach safe temps (may get sick).

Here are excellent objective explanations:

Maybe not pizza


Your 3 steps ahead of me.


Air fryer is slightly worse than the Insta Pot. Both produce awful food.

I am a fine cook. Make tasty meals with the stove, slow cooker, and grill. I have tried over and over again to make something edible with an air fryer as well as the Insta Pot with zero success. Not a little success or better luck next time. Food has come out of those thing that isn’t edible. Wife has tried and she can’t get anything tasty from them either. Butter Chicken. Blah. Crispy French Fries. Nope.

Air fryers have some utility besides taking up counter space. In the house of Bongu, that utility is limited to tater tots, potstickers, and breakfast burritos. Good for keeping those items as low oil as possible.

Wow. There is sure a lot of hate here for the air fryers. We got one toward the beginning of the hype, and now have a larger one. You can actually cook with these! Salmon is delicious in the air fryer. Pork chops cook quickly and thoroughly. Frozen foods go from freezer to table in 10-12 minutes. What isn’t to like?


Just used mine last night… they’re great. We also started with a smaller one like @aarond12 that my mom gave me and my sisters for Christmas around 4 years ago, but have since upgraded to a larger one. I’ll never not be without an air fryer going forward. I follow the feelgoodfoodie on IG and do a lot of her air fryer recipes. We use it more than the instant pot, which I also love.


I own the Insta Pot Crisp 9 in 1 and a Ninja air fryer. They are great, saves you time and helps with cooking healthier. YEAP definitely worth it if you know how to use it.


Best purchase I have ever made! Use mine daily. I recommend the Ninga.


We love ours!
Chicken wings! Tater Tots! Fries! Cauliflower! So many things!
Get a good fryer that can get hotter than the hinges of hell and get those foods crispy and good!

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I still have my air fryer from the late 90’s, it’s as big as an 1100W microwave. It’s a beast!

Yes. Uses less energy than an oven when you want crispy stuff. (and doesn’t heat your whole kitchen up in the summer)


It depends on what you have in the kitchen already. I’ve got an excellent convection toaster oven already (Breville) so for me, nope. But if you want to be able to cook quickly with a convection fan, and your oven doesn’t have one, then it might be! If you are an impatient cook making smaller meals then definitely.

No idea, haven’t purchased one yet.