Arris SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

I bought one of these the last offering. It works great and don’t worry that it’s on multiple service providers “End of Life” lists. Unless your internet service is over 300 Mbps, then this modem is fine.
I’m on Xfinity Blast service for 150 Mbps and I’m getting up to 170ish Mbps consistently with it.

One issue was that it came with a damaged AC power adapter; it had a hole in it. Arris shipped out a replacement with no hassle. Another thing, the LEDs are bright on it & I find it annoying, so I put post-it notes over the lights to dim them out.

Got this exact one and used it for a couple years in South Carolina on XFINITIEZ (pointless brandname from Comcaszt) and recently plugged it in with Thyme Warner in upstate NY and runs great (once the person on the phone got the MAC address corrected).