Asus Intel Core i3 15.6” HD LED Notebook with WiMAX

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Best Buy has it for $549

ASUS is one of the best computer manufacturers currently.

WiMAX is worthless.

Where’s a nice 14" i5 for under $500?

… but does it come with a screaming monkey?

Can someone explain the Wimax to me? Do I have to pay a cell co for the service? Are there home wimax routers?

Found it on Amazon, but it is not available. Some 5 star reviews though.

Odd promotional video

ASUS is good, and this looks pretty nifty for a cheap laptop. I could never buy a refurb, though. The 90 warranty could turn this thing from a cheap laptop into a rental.

This seems like a good deal.

Talk me out of it.


Yes, you will need a subscription with Clear or Sprint to get WiMAX (4G) service.

I still don’t understand how ‘High Definition’ translates into ‘the same 1366 x 768 laptop screen you’ve already seen on every other laptop ever made’. But I digress.

Looks like a good deal. $500 + $14.30 shipping on Newegg. The Newegg price comes with a free router that Newegg sells for $20. Google seems to suggest that Newegg sells it for as low as $424 - which is still higher than this.

Here’s the Windows 7 Driver Recovery CD Restore Disk for this exact laptop. (You never know what will happen to a windows machine, although Asus is a very reliable brand.)

It’s on CNET, but no reviews :frowning:

Here’s an in-depth overview of this laptop.

Weird, on amazon, it says that it is 12 pounds. Isn’t that a bit heavy for a laptop?

Right here:

I type from this laptop right now and I have yet to experience any issues.

When will Intel get it right and STOP IT with those lack luster Intel GMA graphics adapters… Every time I see it, I shun away in horror!


this seems like a VERY good deal, especially with good speakers. I hate my bad laptop speakers on this guy


Amazon gives their shipping weight, which only tells you the maximum weight it will ship at. I’ve seen ridiculous estimates before (like 3 pounds for a SD memory card).