Asus 15.6" AMD Dual-Core Laptop

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Asus 15.6" AMD Dual-Core Laptop
$279.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Good deal for the average user, but gamers and/or graphic designers (and I am both :D) need a GPU with dedicated RAM.

Is this thing good or crap? Not a big fan of amd. Wife needs new lappy to surf the Internet

If that’s all she needs, then yes, this is a good deal. It’s no workhorse, but is comparable in price to many Chromebooks.

If all she does is surf the web, she will be perfect with this. Asus is a reliable brand as well. If I needed a new internet notebook, I would buy one.

If you even remotely think you may do something like gaming or more demanding tasks (like graphic design), you will definitely want something with more power though.

All in all, for the price, this machine is good for what you get.

Looking for something to hook to my TV…does the HDMI out also carry sound?

It should: HDMI is both video AND audio. However, this has only a regular DVD player and not a Blu-Ray.

Yes- HDMI carries video and sound.

Geez, Woot! Couldn’t you have put up a similarly-priced machine that can run Diablo III? :wink:

(wishful thinking, I know)

Does anyone know of the contrast on the keyboard? Is it a backlit keyboard?
Inquiring for someone with very low vision.

Thanks all, I have an Asus monitor and works well so good to know

I have this laptop, the only real annoyance is the lack of a scrollbar on the touchpad. Adding aanother 4 gig of memory helped performance quite a bit.

Keep in mind only a 90-day warranty through Asus on this refurb. There is a LOT that can go wrong on a computer after 3 months… not that it would or anything, but I always thought that if a reburb is rebuilt into “like new condition” then it should come with a “like new” warranty too. But that never seems to be the case.

No backlight

It is not backlit.

I bring forth to you, the benchmark stats for this CPU

It will run Diablo III, just not at the highest settings. My wife plays it on my Lenovo AMD netbook. This Asus is 300MHz faster, and has a better integrated GPU than the Lenovo and the 6310 it has. And Asus is more than reliable. I have been asking them for years when they would start building their brand, and they are finally getting there.

Thanks for the info, chrisjtom! I’m now tempted to hit that “I want one” button.

no reinstall disk included…so, how do you reinstall the win 7 home premium when it comes time ?