Asus 17.3" Full HD Core i7 Gaming Laptop

**Item: **Asus 17.3" Full HD Core i7 Gaming Laptop
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I currently am using this computer and I love it. besides the crap HDD “note that it is incredibly easy to add an SSD. just a few things on the bottom and slide it in” “OHHHHH YAAAA!”… its a great computer capable of handling games well. it cant go full ultra on some games but it can get you damn close with some tweaks. pretty good price. i bought mine a year ago for 1350. cheers hope this helps!

Take a look at some good reviews from Amazon

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I have one of the similar models (definitely the same case) from a few years ago. While upgrading to SSD is really easy, upgrading the RAM is not. 4 slots - 2 are easily accessible, 1 requires as full a teardown as you can do without voiding the warranty, and 1 will void your warranty. Otherwise, no complaints. There are some nice youtube guides on disassembly too.

I have this exact laptop. I consider it faster in many regards to my full tower running AMD 1100T. I’ve been using it for the last 6 months. I added a SSD and some more ram to mine. It boots Win8 in 5-10 secs flat from full power off to web browser open ready to go. It can play most new release PC games with decent settings, not max out. The picture quality is great. The built-in speakers are decent. The laptop stays cooled due to the fan blowing the heat exhaust out the back. This is not a light laptop. Definitely a desktop replacement. Just as one of the above comments, I paid nearly $1300 six months ago.

Note: The bluetooth on this laptop sucks. I was never able to get mine to work properly. It is a known problem on the Asus forums.

Check out some additional info, straight from

I, too, am using the same laptop for the past year without issue. It is blazing fast (provided that you install an SSD for OS).

The only downside: lousy wifi card with poor range/speed. I replaced it with an intel one.

Should I be worried if there have been sales but no states have been lit up? Is it the end of the world? I am not a prepper!

Add me to the list of owners. I have basically the same model except mine has a Blu-ray drive. I bought mine in early June and paid about $100 more for it. So far I’m happy. I wouldn’t let the OS stop you. Learning Windows 8 hasn’t been fun but after a month I’m getting used to it and haven’t felt the urge to downgrade. This thing boots crazy fast, even before I added an SSD

We’ve been having some problems with that old map this week. Needs a swift kick.

Weird / tempting that this would come up. I just started researching gaming laptops this week after never really paying attention to pc gaming as an option at all. (Lifetime console with an 80s c64 fling)

I’m still having trouble decoding pc feature specs (processor / video card, etc) but aren’t there some better deals on newer / higher specced models? (Lenovo Y510p for example [smaller screen i know])

My concern with a gaming laptop versus a gaming desktop is the graphics card. I’m concerned that the laptop is a bottleneck on that.

You are right, Craig - the graphics card in this laptop IS a bottleneck, and it is extremely difficult to think about upgrading the graphics or cpu on a laptop. In this case, however, it is a bottleneck about a half mile wide, in 2013 terms. Here’s some info on the bottleneck from NotebookCheck:

first…its a asus … not a sony or top of the line man.

second … I am guessing it is an OK/good gaming machine but not great

third … 1000 dollars … that’s 1K ! Wait for school sales and get this type of system for much less. The graphics card is OK (better are out there) but not 1K great. The i7 is OK but is rather old version (2-3 yrs for the i7 ~ must be better ones out there).

Overall: pass

This laptop is fantastic for gaming! It runs what ever I throw at it. My husband has one and my best friend has one. I only wish I could have saved this much on this deal. I paid 1300 before taxes and insurance.

The Lenovo Y510p addresses that with 2 GPUs.

I had one of these. there was a problem with the sound card cutting in and out :confused:

I’m not sure which model you have but I have a ROG in this line about 3 1/2 years old and it had 3 RAM slots together and easy to get to and 1 under the keyboard which much harder to reach. I bought my son a newer one and it has all 4 slots easily accessible from a slot on the bottom.
Unless they really went backwards in terms of design with these…the RAM slots should be easy to get to.