Asus 17.3" Full HD Core i7 Gaming Laptop

**Item: **Asus 17.3" Full HD Core i7 Gaming Laptop
Price: $999.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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8/17/2013 - $999.99 - 53 comment(s)
7/27/2013 - $999.99 - 80 comment(s)

Amazon gives it a 4.2 avg rating
CNet review gives it 3.5 stars
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This has have some nice tech in it with the 660m video card and will run most games on high settings… that being said the new 700’s are out and I would wait for the 600’s price to drop a little more.

I am convinced WOOT is just screwing with me now,
I tried to buy this the first time, after a couple of days and no shipping info I sent the email saying ‘what’s up with my order?’ and I get a response of 'Something happened during “security” of payment, so no laptop for you and we can’t sell you one now’

so off I go in search of another because this laptop is at least 200 more everywhere else and I’d have to pay tax. So I find and order a replacement, the day after the replacement ships,
WOOT offers this again!!! Screwing with me I tell ya!
Now today (the day said other laptop is being delivered) THEY OFFER IT AGAIN! I think Kevin and the Woot team are trying to tell me something…

im just not sold when it said it had win 8, seriously whats the point of a laptop with all that hardware if you’re not going to develop a touch screen that flips or something into a tablet style…thats what im looking for

I have a G73 (older model) and that thing is a tank. Very solid, haven’t had any issues with it. I can’t 100% tell, but I believe this has a second hard drive bay (like mine), which makes it very easy to add an SSD.

This is a beast of a machine, and if you need a laptop TODAY, don’t hesitate on this.

That being said, this is the old model now and will become discounted more often.

It’s still going to hold an average gamer a couple years and with the ability to upgrade the hard drive, cpu, video card, it is pretty future proof

Ack! You’re on to us!

Seriously though, we have no way to process a sale when the sale is ended.

Wonder if it has the same crappy power jack as my ASUS??? $100 fix and ASUS knows that the jack is prone to breaking. It seems the jack is soldered directly to the motherboard and you have to tear the machine apart to get to the flimsy jack.

I realllllly want this laptop. Now to figure out how to spontaneously come up with $1000.

This must be 2003. Why else would an expensive gaming laptop have a DVD player and not a blu-ray player?

If it had blu-ray it would be worth the money.

If it had a BR drive everyone would complain that it did not have the software to play them. If the software was added it would cost another $75-100.

If you want a BR drive you can buy one on Amazon for $100 - but you still have to get the software to play the movies.

I own this laptop, fully kitted out to 32GB RAM, dual SSD etc.

Came with some version of winblows but I installed a real OS (and vmware for the winblows crap) and it screams.

Fan RARELY comes on, and when it does, it’s still really cool. This is a laptop you can actually have on your lap without suffering 3rd degree burns.

Great thing about ASUS top-end laptops is that they really know how to produce something rock-solid. My last ASUS lasted 6 years, despite being carted around the country and around the world several times. This is one is built to last and not with some crappy HP/Toshiba/Acer/Lenovo/etc. cheap-ass plastic casing…

Where do you buy consumer computers that come with BD-ROMs and don’t include the software to play them?

As someone who builds a couple computers a week I can honestly say that a lot of consumer bluray drives / computers with them actually come with trial Bluray software and many oem drives come with no software. then when you reviews on the computer / drive there’s always a million people complaining about how the drive doesnt work when they open blurays in windows media player. lol

Strange, because this was a 13.3" model this morning. It must have grown rapidly.

Is woot no longer a single day thing, and adding new products throughout the day, kind of like a woot-off, except without the flashing lights?

I bought this a couple days ago when it was for sale. When I saw it today I was sure Woot was adding something to the deal to make me sad.

But, no. Now I just wait for my baby to ship :0.

It went from one item a day, to 10 sub-pages with one item a day, to 10 sub-pages with one item a day plus 40 side items each, to “if that one main item sells out quickly, we’ll post up another one”, to “we know damn well this item isn’t going to last all day, but we’ll put it up anyway.”

And then to me wondering “What the heck am I still doing here?”

You know, the copy on this one is spot-on accurate… except that I solved the berry-monster problem almost IMMEDIATELY… amateurs.

However, I got stuck on the killer cave-beaver for 10 years, until a friend and me sat down one day and puzzled out where to get the Orium.

Ah, memories of a life lived for Sierra.