Asus PadFone-X Mini 4.5" Smartphone + 7" Tablet

Ordered this about a month ago and it was DOA. neither device would start up. Just stayed in boot mode…booting, stopping, rebooting.

Had to send it back

Got one of these the last time they were on Woot.

A few things to note:

  • Unlocking was easy since I’m not an AT&T customer. Fill out the form, wait a few days, and you’ll get an unlock code. You’ll be prompted for the code if you turn on the device with a non-AT&T SIM installed.

  • T-Mobile, at least where I live, doesn’t work with this thing. I’m 99% sure that the baseband firmware for the LTE radio prevents the device from connecting to non-AT&T networks if AT&T networks are available, even with a non-AT&T SIM. I have tried every which way to get this thing to connect, and PhoneArena’s specs indicate it supports T-Mobile’s LTE and HSPA+ bands, but no dice.

  • The stock ROM doesn’t allow moving apps to the SD card. I rooted it (there’s a tool on XDA for this model) and was able use a root-only app from the Play store to get past this limitation, but it was flaky. The 8GB internal storage isn’t enough for a lot of games and large apps.

  • Because this is an Intel-based device, there are currently no untethered recovery options and no alternative ROMs. Best you can do is a tethered recovery to root it. Then you can use Titantium Backup or something similar to remove stock bloatware.

  • There’s no ambient light sensor on the tablet, so automatic brightness won’t work when the phone is docked.

  • The screens on both the tablet and the phone are really nice for this price point.

If you have AT&T, this is a good buy. If you have T-Mobile, you might have problems getting it to work with your SIM.

Second one from Woot was ALSO DOA. Won’t charge and won’t start.
These are junk.