Atmor Tankless Water Heaters

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Sale: Atmor Tankless Water Heaters


We got the 6.5 kw earlier and it has worked like a champ. We needed to call Atmor customer service however as the unit did not have a connector for the neutral wire in our 10/3 with ground and we were told to let that just be capped off in the wire feed to the unit. Just hook up the two load (red and black) on our wire and the ground in between and you are good to go.The neutral comes from the combination of the two phases. The plastic casing is mislabeled on the 6.5 kw as if it was for a 120 volt application. You will need a ground fault breaker as well that adds more expense. These are flow activated so crank your faucet a little to start it and the slower you let it run after actuation the hotter the water. Remember once activated the next shot of water after you turn it off may be pretty hot so beware.

Im glad they helped you out.

240v Split phase has leg 1 (hot) and leg 2 (hot) which measures 120v between one hot leg and neutral. Red is used for a hot leg if you use a x/3 wire in addition to hot black. Using the two hots as a circuit (no neutral) creates 240v and the neutral is capped off for 240v operation.

If using x/2 wire for split phase 240v at the breaker, black is hot1. White is hot2 and should be labeled as hot by wraping black or red tape around the end. There is no neutral wire in this case as both black and white are connected to each leg of a double pole breaker.

If you don’t know what you are doing I urge you to call an electrician. Always use the 80% load rule when sizing your wires to prevent fires caused by overheating.

Mine lasted only a cpl months …Then it sounded like a gun going off water everywhere …Lucky I was home at the time…Plastic tank couldn’t handle it … Atmor…Didn’t return call…

Reading the specs, it looks like you need three 240VAC circuits for the ThermoPro. That means you also need six spaces in your breaker panel.

Excellent timing! We just lost both of our old tank water heaters to the Great Unnamed Flood of 2016 in Louisiana. Rebuilding everything after five feet of nasty floodwater sucks big time. We have been looking into tankless water heaters, hoping to save energy and space, and were actually going TODAY to buy them, but I spotted this at midnight (I’m exhausted, but too tired and stressed to sleep well). Shot an email to DH who spotted it when he got up at 4:00 (ditto on the insomnia thing). He let me sleep until 6:00 then woke me up, all excited, and told me to order two.

DH has seen me frantically Woot-Offing (Wooting Off? That just sounds innappropriate!) so many times over the years that he thought I had to order ASAP!!! It was kind of fun watching him, I have to admit. I have to wonder if I look that goofy when I Woot.

Anyway, two are ordered and my fingers are crossed that we won’t have any of the problems that rfear411 mentioned. Thanks for the timing, Woot gods!

“…at inlet temperatures of 73°”

This a water warmer, then, not a heater… Almost nowhere in the USA will incoming water be that warm. I live in Phx, AZ and even so the avg incoming water temp is 60. (I have been looking into getting tankless, so I’ve done some research).

I swear it read incoming water of 37 degrees. Let’s check again shall we?

You’re right!!!

I’m really sorry to hear that. Did you purchase the unit from Woot?