Audio Solutions TV Mount with Speakers

Audio Solutions TV Mount with Speakers

I have to say I am pretty impressed by this! I wasn’t expecting a box bigger than the box my TV came in, and probably just about as heavy! I was worried that my wall may not be strong enough to mount this thing, but turns out I have steel studs behind the wall which threw a wrench at the installation since the hardware included only has bolts for wood studs and concrete wall.

If you have metal studs behind your wall, make sure you get some snap anchors and drill exactly at the center of your stud.

Sounds great and works very well so far. Pleased to say the least!

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What type of sound input is there?

Optical, Digital coax and 3.5mm Aux. Not many soundbars come with the digital coax these days, and my TV only provides digital output through Coax. I had a soundbar before this which only had optical so I had to use the analog input, and the sound was horrible with a nasty hiss in the background. With the digital coax, I get crisp sound and with the simulated center channel, it almost feels like a 3/1 sound.

Here is a picture of the input control panel. Its hard to take the picture since the input control panel is all the way to the top of the unit, so don’t expect to be making any connections on the fly. Also this unit has no bluetooth. Then again, I have 3 soundbars in the house that support bluetooth, and I have never used bluetooth on a single one of them…