Back Up Cameras & License Plate Cameras

Not much additional info for the DVR on Pyle’s site:
but they do have the manual.

The girlfriend says, “If you need this many backup cameras, you probably shouldn’t be driving.” Sprayed a mouthful of wine on my keyboard over that one LMAO :wink:

You posted the wrong link:,-Night-Vision-Waterproof-Cam,-43-Display,-Distance-Scale-Lines,-ParkingReverse-Assist

The Pyle website makes NO mention of GPS capabilities for Model PLCMDVR42, even though it seems to be the main theme for the item on WOOT.

So what’s up with that?

I also was interested in the camera, GPSr system, but I’m also having doubts about it. Looking at the picture from the Pyle web site, I don’t think it has the GPS feature.

The wireless kit (#PLCMTR82WIR) specifies that it supports up to two wireless cameras, however Pyle does not sell the camera stand-alone.

I opened a support ticket to ask this, and they confirmed (twice) that they don’t sell it.

Your girlfriend probably doesn’t have a CDL endorsement, or drives something over 40,000lbs. Cameras are nice to have!

Then again these cameras are manufactured by pyle of @#$% inc.

Just got this in the mail, it has what looks like a 2.5mm port labeled GPS on the top next to the AV port for the rear camera. Not sure what’s supposed to be plugged in there.

Here’s the link to the dual camera system I just got from woot:,-Image-Capture,-Night-Vision-Illumination,-Motion-Impact-Recording,-(2)-Cameras,-Built-in-425-Screen-Display,-Built-in-Distance-Scale-Lines,-Parking-Assist

Makes mention of GPS, but idk how it does it.

I bought two of the Pyle PLCMDVR15 Mobile DVR Video Surveillance Recording System. One of them arrived with the entire front panel broken, fighting with woot right now to return The broken one for a full refund, we will see what happens. As For the GPS there is none The plug is just on empty hole there is no circuit

Got this a while ago, sharing thoughts for future wooters:

It works, kinda.
Pyle has minimal info on their website about it, no manual, no firmwares (it NEEDS a firmware update). It has 2 input ports on top (besides the USB power connector), one to plug in the rear camera, one labeled “GPS”. I assume this is to display output from a gps unit, there is none built in. It fails, often. It takes a hard-reset (pull the power, hold the power button 4+sec, eject the SD card) and then doing a factory reset and sd card format to get it to work right again. It sometimes factory-resets itself. Now the camera image is squashed with green off-color ghosting from the other camera taking up half the frame. It silently stops working/recording whenever it feels like it. 2 LEDs to tell status, but not sure what they mean? This is getting returned, unfortunately.