Barry O'Cauldron

I really wanted that power washer, but I don’t have anything to power wash.

Or the money for one, but that’s less important


Woot! Woot! Snagged one!


Didn’t your parents tell you that life isn’t fair?

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Perhaps you haven’t realized yet, but everyone is having to relog in 95% of the time (minimum) when it comes to high priority items like BOCs & WTF pricing items. Even if you bought something 5 mins prior. So, you’re not the victim here. The log in demons attack everyone.

That said, I was in VOP, had to log in again and still got to the checkout page.


Try to log out/in every hour or so to refresh you login. I’ll add something to my cart and then proceed to checkout, and just not place the order. It saves me the few precious moments when I do manage to beat the VOP

"But I don’t wanna hear nuthin!

It’s this kind of attitude in these forums that make me go Meh when I look at Woot.

I’ve given up on getting a B\O/C ever again. Too many bots, too many people with extra time or too much Amazon influence by requiring an app that I am unwilling to use.

__( ’ ’ )__/

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Try for one on Thursday during the Funhouse then?


been surfing aroung looking for a boc in between stuff all day… missed it.

So, the complaining about not getting one is better?

I was being sarcastic of course. But you don’t have to have prime to get free shipping. Not only that, they just had BOC day which was more favorable to web users. As is the Funhouse (coming this Thursday).

How do you get one in video game ?
Is there any othet way to get one ?


They did? When was the BOC day that I missed?

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March 11, 2021.

BOC Day: Thursday, 3/11/21


Oh dip

The digital crap game (in the app) will have random prizes. Occasionally, the prize will be a BOC. I usually check out the digital crap forum and see what the prize is for the day.

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Ok, dog is walked, I’vwe got my rum & diet coke, and settled on the couch. What do we want to talk about?


When the next TTHH is.

I’m feeling naked without that badge.

You said that it’s planned for April. Is that still the plan?

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Yep, late April. :smiley:

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What day of the week?

I’ll give you a stern frown if it doesn’t work for me.

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Probably a Thursday unless it isn’t.

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