Beats Solo HD Headphones

These headphones cost $14 to manufacture, and they sound like it.

These are the Monster cables of headphones.

Dozens of far cheaper, much better sounding headphones available.

But what if I like them? It cost 27 cents to make my underwear but I still wear them. The Monster cables of headphones? I guess in a way they are cause didn’t Monster have something to do with Beats? Hey, what do you call Monster headphones? Are Monster headphones the Monster Cables of headphones too? As far as the cost, well cost is not always a factor. If so everyone would be driving a VW bug. It was real cheap and got me to school as well as anything else.

Why do you like them? If your answer is because they allow you to fit into society better and look cooler by showing off that you are apart of the “in crowd” then by all means these are the headphones for you.

However, if you are looking for a set of headphones that sound as good as they cost, I’d hold off and find a different product.

So again, are you buying these to follow the other sheep, or are you buying these to experience better sound? If it’s the latter…

echoing this. Beats headphones sound absolutly horrible compared to headphones of half the price.

Audio-Technica ATH-M30 Professional Headphones - $45
Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones - $50
Shure SRH240 Professional Quality Headphones - $45
Sennhiser HD 201 - $20

take your pick of much better quality for more than half the price diffrence. I personally go for Sennhiser and Audio-Technia myself.

Thank you for the heads up. I generally don’t make such absolute statements unless I know what the target users needs are. I listen to many types of music on a few different platforms. To say the Beats suck just because they cost 14 bucks to make is foolish.To say they suck because they are stylish is also silly. Further to say that lots of people have them so they suck is dumb too. When did it become bad to buy something popular and stylish? If I buy them I’m trying to fit in the “in crowd” and following the other sheep? But what I really should really do is follow the “expert posts” and buy what you have. So far I’ve seen a bunch of opinions but no facts about headphones to back up claims. I just don’t get how some self proclaimed expert can tell me what I want and what I should buy. Headphones are like pizza toppings meaning the choice is a very personal thing. There is actually NO wrong answer. With that in mind, when I give an opinion on headphones I may start by saying “I listened to the same XXX headphones as you but for me the bass fell a bit flat when I listened to Molly Hatchet.” See how that went? I did not insult the other person. I informed him (or her) that I did listen to what they asked about. I stated why they did not work for me and informed him what I listed to. That is helpful. Telling me they are the Monster Cable of headphones and cost 14 bucks to make and other people buy them…well that’s not as helpful. I actually do have several pair of headphones for several different listening sessions. In my study I use an older pair of Stax SRS-4170 electrostatic “ear speakers”. I have a couple of pairs of Monster, the in ear Gratitude’s for working in a data center and a pair or the wickedly over the top tacky 24K (stylish). These along with my Soul SL300’s get the most use in the yard at the grill. I got some Klipsch I bought here along with some Sennheiser (in, on and over). I have a couple of Sony’s, the MDRV6 and those X-Factor ones in red and brushed aluminum. I got a pair of Denon Globe Cruisers only because they look really nice when flying (they are Globe Cruisers). I do have a pair of Beats in ear for the gym or beach. Since the three posts never asked, I need to say that I was interested about these as the local Jr. High is looking for a prize for the kid who reads the most books at the end of the year. Most 13 year old kids are interested in style and these conform and seem kind of cool. Thanks for your input and sorry for the long reply.

Part of the problem with these headphones is that they are popular due to the celebrity advertising and because of the price tag. Because of this people think they are good headphones. THEY AREN’T, especially considering what you get for how much you pay.

If you want these as a fashion accessory, go for it. As others have mentioned, if you want high end headphones, look elsewhere.

This and VPLC’s comment said it better than I could.

I read your wall of text, Brian, and all you had to say was that you’re buying them as a prize for a 13 year old.
They’re perfect for that.
13 year olds don’t care how headphones sound, they just want to be a part of the “in crowd”.
13 y.o.s follow each other like sheep, it’s what they do.

A teenager buying headphones because they look cool is just doing what teenagers do.

An adult, buying one of the most expensive, lowest quality headphones because they look cool is kind of a fool.
But that’s just my opinion.

Thanks for the opinion but it is still an opinion, again NO facts as to why they are not good. Value, appearance, amount of advertising or celebrity endorsements have no impact on sound. These comments all seem like an emotional responses against the company. I get it. An item is no good because the company makes money, it is popular, it looks kind of nice, and other “hip” self proclaimed experts have decided that they don’t like them and people should not have them. Clears it up for me. I bought them and the other cool fashion accessories on the other page. The Monster Inspirations look really cool. The white will offset the red of my convertible and the noise cancelling will be great to cut the wind noise with the top down when I drive to work.

Any recommendations for a set of portable, mobile phone oriented (with mic) headphones? I’d love bluetooth as well if you know of such a headphone. I almost bought these because they seem great for travel, but if you have recommendations I’d appreciate it!

It’s difficult to give facts on something as objective as audio quality, in fact some people may tell you that beats have the best sound quality they’ve ever heard. (although I’ve never heard that and the other comments here seem to reinforce it too) But lifehacker has a fairly good write up on why there are much better headphones out there that might be more along the lines of what you’re looking for.

Thanks for the tip. I agree with you regarding objectivity. The other comments here though are worthless when trying to find out what they meant by “bad”. A companies advertising budget or who makes their commercials or a products popularity by the masses has no bearing if the item is good or bad. I ran out and listened to these this afternoon. They do sound good. I found that the bass seems to be a bit heavy. They where a bit undefined and lacked a bit of clarity. The mids seemed a bit muddy and the highs lacked detail. They did look great but for my fat head seemed a bit snug. On the merits of their sound they are not worth 200 bucks but nothing sells for retail. These sound like a sub $100 pair of headphones. I think with the nice build quality and style as well as being tuned for youthful listeners, these are really nice. They would not be my go to pair but as a kid I would love them and are a real step toward good quality audio. The style is worth the extra money too. That is what people need to know. Not that they cost 14 dollars to make.

Isn’t it illegal to drive with headphones on? You need to be able to hear car horns honking for safety reasons, right?