Beats Studio ANC True Wireless Buds (Grade A Refurbished)

Beats Studio ANC True Wireless Buds (Grade A Refurbished)

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A few months ago I bought these new and found them to be buggy as hell. I bought them for work meetings, only paired them with my work MacBook, and could not get them to maintain a reliable connection. Iā€™d have to manually disconnect and reconnect them, or my MacBook would constantly prompt me for permission to connect to them.

I could never manage to get them to charge reliably in their case. The case would be connected to a charger, the buds in the case, the charging light would be on ā€¦ and nothing. The case charged up but the buds only charged half the time. The buds also seemed to run through charge really fast, and died on me without warning in a couple meetings before I decided to return them.

I had been using my personal Powerbeats 4 wireless headphones before buying these, and never had a problem. So I sent these back and went back to the Powerbeats.

Thanks for the rvw. I will not be getting these.