Bibb Home Premium Weighted Blanket

Bibb Home Premium Weighted Blanket

Spend your money on whatever you want, but I couldn’t imagine a soft cuddly object that would make me more miserable. I hate being under any cover when I sleep. I’ll begrudgingly get under a blanket when I’m on the verge of frostbite. A thirty pound blanket? Good god.

great, thanks for letting people know in a post that’s selling a blanket specifically designed for people who LIKE having the weight on them to sleep. It’s the point of the product so, you know, not for you. Why else would it be called a “weighted blanket” specifically?


I don’t see any care instructions in the description. I searched elsewhere but cannot find any. If someone has purchased this item and knows, please give a hoot and answer me in woot. TIA

Hi there. Here you go.

  • Remove blanket before washing

  • Machine wash cold with like colors

  • Only non-chlorine bleach when needed

  • Tumble dry low

  • Cool iron if needed