BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 Bidet Seat

BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 Bidet Seat

This is a great bidet seat, my 5th!

Great feature set and ease of use. It is a tank system so the hot water only lasts about a minute. I’m actually considering purchasing another!

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Intrigued by these, they seem like a much better solution than TP–but I also feel like people still get weirded out by them and wouldn’t want to be that weird dude with a bidet…

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Do you really care what other people might briefly think of your bathroom habits? Trust me, no one is dwelling on it or judging you for it.


I’ve got this one and love it! BioBidet BB-2000 Premier Class Bidet BioBidet BB-2000 Premier Class Bidet

Waiting for it to come up again so I can buy another… hint hint Woot!

I may have to spring for one of these. I just wish they hired some industrial designer to help them with their overly-utilitarian naming conventions.

I believe that the bidet is a hallmark of Western (and Japanese) civilization. I am concerned, however, that forcing guests to confront a button marked “enema” may be a bit much. I don’t think one has to be euphemistic to the point of Three Seashells, but that borders on a medical procedure.

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eh…more like if I have a lady come over but I see your point haha

I was in your shoes last August when these came up for sale. Not gonna lie, my wife does think it’s a little weird to this day (she’s afraid to try it) but to me it’s hands down some of the best money I’ve ever spent in my life. The real downside to owning a bidet is not the others who don’t understand it, it’s dealing with how barbaric and unclean using just plain old TP feels afterwards. Seriously, I’ve left work early just because I needed to go and I didn’t want to deal with the typical thin TP they use. :crazy_face:

This is a great model at a great price so as long as you’re aware of the limitations of this particular unit (need an outlet ~4 ft from the toilet, ~1 min of hot water) then I suspect you’d be most pleased with your purchase. If the wife and I were on the same page I’d be buying two more to pimp out our entire house! :grin:


I’m pretty certain my wife uses ours more than me and loves the feminine setting for at least 1 week out of each month.


Yes but, can they withstand the fury of Taco Tuesday?

5 of them…you must be Jack Palance

They really have a lifespan of 36mos, at that point you have to decide whether to return them to be repaired(swapped) or just buy a new one. so I have one in master, one in guest bath and they were each repaired once and then replaced(so that’s 4) and then I just bought one for my second home. I do need a second one there so I might pull the trigger.

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This right here is why I’m so tempted to buy more myself. One wooter commented that the BB-1000 had a little extra oomph in the spray department and I don’t wanna be shortchanged if I have to switch up down the road! :grin:

The price has increased $9.01 since offered on August 21, 2020 when the price was $259.99.

honestly this is the most powerful seat I’ve had out of the five…

That particular button is named “Vortex” on this model. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse.

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You’re not helping, fellow Wooter! Must… keep… cursor… from… shiny… button! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, while I don’t know about this brand, there has been at least one worrisome (and hilarious) cybersecurity vulnerability report for one of the Bluetooth-connected bidets, so if your into fancy remote controls, beware.