Birthday Woot! Locker

Birthday Woot! Locker

Happy Birthday woot! :birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday:

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Wow, brave starting at $15k. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was sold out by the morning.

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So far in the box:
1 Banana
1 Hoodie

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So far in the box:
1 Banana
1 Hoodie
1 Angel Shelf/Sconce

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Running list!

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Birthday Woot Locker #1

SOLD - $555 Tejananda

1x Plastic Banana
1x Woot Snuggie
1x Ornate Shelf
1x Christmas Serving Plate
1x Kan Jam Game
1x Trunk Organizing Caddy
1x Happy Papa Bubble Train Toy
1x iHome Speaker with Light
1x Set of 3 Tongs
1x Purple Fleece Blanket?
1x Pie Cutter
1x Dish Drying Tray
1x Arrow Printer Ribbon
1x Plush Basketball
1x Wooden Silverware Tray
1x Wooden Alligator
1x Leaf Basket Thingy

Birthday Woot Locker #2

SOLD - $369 by sgeorge952

1x Plastic Banana
1x Box Set of Some Sort
1x Pillow
1x Fishing Net


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Remember this is supposed to only last an hour each so should go a bit faster than normal.

It’s going to be a interesting day.

Good point. I’ll try to make a running list for each locker.

Sold out?

A second listing just popped up. No idea what’s going on.

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Per Twitch, they’re working on it.

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Thanks. I can’t keep track of everything that’s going on and the Twitch chat is getting lost in the shuffle.

There’s a lot going on right now. Except work. That got put on the back burner…


Okay, I’ve got to do some actual work. Can someone take over the list? @everclear823?