Woot Locker

Woot Locker

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Running list!

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Birthday Woot Locker #1

SOLD - $555 Tejananda

1x Plastic Banana
1x Woot Snuggie
1x Ornate Shelf
1x Christmas Serving Plate
1x Kan Jam Game
1x Trunk Organizing Caddy
1x Happy Papa Bubble Train Toy
1x iHome Speaker with Light
1x Set of 3 Tongs
1x Purple Fleece Blanket?
1x Pie Cutter
1x Dish Drying Tray
1x Arrow Printer Ribbon
1x Plush Basketball
1x Wooden Silverware Tray
1x Wooden Alligator
1x Leaf Basket Thingy


Birthday Woot Locker #2

SOLD - $369 by sgeorge952

1x Plastic Banana
1x Box Set of Some Sort
1x Pillow
1x Fishing Net
1x Woot Squishy Cell Phone
1x Bigger Pillow


Birthday Woot Locker #3

SOLD - $420 by sgeorge952

1x - Plastic Banana
1x - Rifle (air soft?)
1x - Set of Targets
1x - Bowl?
1x - “Catch of the Day” Lobster Sign
1x - Phone Case
1x - White Plunger
1x - Garden Box Thing
1x - Messenger Bag
1x - Inflatable Tube
1x - Coconut Monkey
1x - Salt Rock Lamp
1x - Marble Maze Ball
1x - Leaf Basket Thing
1x - Chicken Head Mask
1x - Frontier Logs


Birthday Woot Locker #4

Sold - $599 by WooterKDUBB

1x - Plastic Banana
1x - Thermal Blanket
1x - Augmented Reality Game
1x - Large Blue Crayola Crayon Bank
1x - Pop Up Tube
1x - Piece of Streamer that fell from decorations
1x - Blue Luggage - Broken Handle
1x - Spiderman PS4 Pro Limited Edition Bundle
1x - DVD Turner and Hooch
1x - Camo Helmet
1x - Apron
1x - Wooden Train Set


Birthday Woot Locker #5

SOLD - $333 by jshdeal

1x - Plastic Banana
1x - Toy Ferrari
1x - Book
1x - Sparkly Red Dress
1x - Strainer
1x - Yeti Cooler
1x - Camo Helmet
1x - Tag Heuer Sunglasses
2x - Neoprene Sleeves for E-Reader/Tablet
1x - Easy Button
1x - Packing Peanuts
1x - Leaf Plate
1x - Galaxy Tab 2
4x - Straw Hats
1x - Black Woot Shirt (Missed the Design)
1x - Queen a Night at the Opera Vinyl
1x - Belkin Miracast Adapter


Birthday Woot Locker #6

Sold - ____ by wootwootwootwoot69

1x - Plastic Banana
1x - Pumpkin Bowl
6x - Squeeze (Condiment) Dispensers
1x - Gold Streamer (RIPPED FROM THE CEILING)
1x - Set of Cider Glasses
1x - Light board thingy
1x - Yellow Plastic Bin
1x - Blue Gloves
1x - Shoulder Bag (Empty)
1x - Lamp?
1x - Set of Drawer Dividers
1x - Ladder Ball Set
1x - Battery Backup


Birthday Woot Locker #7

Originally Sold To - $500 by wootwootwootwoot69

Now Sold To - $506 by LimeHaven

1x - Plastic Banana
1x - Blue Plastic Bin
?x - Bouncy Balls
1x - Desk Cycle Thing
1x - Hatchimal
1x - Baby Carrier
1x - Dell Laptop
1x - Gray Suitcase


Birthday Woot Locker #8

Sold - $490 by semsem28

1x- banana
1x- pie/cake/pizza slicer?
1x- sketch pad
1x- Gone Baby Gone DVD
5x- straw hats with star
1x- leaf plate
1x- FantasticCites - Coloring Poster - [City Unknown]
1x- Waterfall Pet Drinking water system
1x- Frog wind chime
1x- 3 pack stud earrings
1x- Unicorn Ear Muffs w/ Pull string sounds
1x- Wall mural [Stone Walls]
1x- Unknown [Vase of sorts]
1x- Bose in-ear headphones
1x- West Side Story CD
1x- Pavarotti CD
1x- Beatles CD - Please Please Me
1x- Spice Girls CD
1x- Sublime CD - Sublime
1x- Drew’s Party Music CD - Vol. 2
1x- Temptations CD
1x- EverClear CD
1x- BeeGees CD
?x- CDs
1x- Neck Pillow
1x- PS4 SpiderMan Bundle
1x- Mini Blue Plunger

Birthday Woot Locker #9

Sold - $500 by andystj

1x- pinapple
1x- banana
2x- CDs
1x- girl doll
1x- Crystal Mining Kit
2x- Nesting Dolls?
1x- Red Shorts
1x- Pair of purple flip flops
1x- Frog Windchime
1x- Popup Pirated Game
1x- Plastic Serving Spoon
1x- Apple iPad Pro 9
1x- fake mustaches
1x- Bob Dylan Play Book
1x- PondMaster Pond Deicer
1x- Nuud Phone Case
1x- Red Boot Mug (Glass?)
1x- Zen Bamboo Comforter
1x- Star Wars Paper Art
1x- Zombie Puzzle
1x- Into the labrynth Vinyl
1x- girl with heart baloon canvas print
1x- Truray Paper brown
1x- Woot Monkey

[ Some missed items ]

Birthday Woot Locker #10

Sold - $279 by jeffs411

1x- banana
5x- already been worn woot shirt (various styles)
1x- caspian ornaments
1x- plane wall vinyl
1x- Sticky Board Bird Design
1x- Ceramic Berry Art Brick
1x- Rynalds Wrap Aluminum Foil (6 foot sections x2)
1x- Paper Holder, plastic pieces
1x- Grumpy Cat Christmas Mug, Woot Branded
1x- Tecjoy Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion
4x- Pez Dispensors
1x- Ceramic Teddy Bear Piggy Bank
1x- Latex Foam Gloves
1x- Zombie Puzzle
2x rolls of rynolds wrap aluminum foil 500sqft
1x- Yoga Mat?
1x- Stackable Can Organizer
1x- Small Child Batman Costume
1x- Plastic Fork Wrapped in Aluminum
1x- Rynalds Wrap Aluminum Foil Used, wrapped in foil
1x- AeroGarden
1x- Ceramic Pelican Candle Aromatic
1x- Jarts yard game


It sold already? I am showing that 1 person bought this item.

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Each locker only has a quantity of 1.

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They’re on the 2nd Locker

$11,000?!? that’s some seriously awesome crap (not a BOC).

They gradually go down in price.

Ahh ok. I am at work and cannot watch the stream. I may be a bit out of the loop on the rules/what’s going on. I know the price is falling as more items are being put in.

I thought there was just 1 box overall, not multiple boxes.

Someone really paid $12,000 or so for this? lol

Edit: Looking into it further it seems the first sold for $555.

As they add items, the price goes down.

good lord. thanks. not too gradually, i hope!

We’re at Locker #2

It used to be that as they added items the price went up, but people kept buying them right away (when the boxes only had the plastic banana).

And other people would sit back and laugh


although, frankly, i like the idea of a world in which i buy an $11,000 woot locker just for giggles.

Not worth it. The price goes down. Watch the twitch stream and see what they put in

thx. can’t, today, though…but appreciate the scoop.

btw, love, love, love your avatar. gawd i miss that show.

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Moved the running list here since this seems to be the topic now. I can’t keep up with all the added items so feel free to edit my first post up top with whatever items are added throughout the stream.

#3 SOLD!

I hit the maximum number of edits for a day… @ThunderThighs can you up that at all?

For Records:

Birthday Woot Locker #7

Sold - $500 by wootwootwootwoot69

I added it in for you

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