Black & Decker 18-Inch 36V Mulching/Bagging Mower

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Black & Decker 18-Inch 36V Mulching/Bagging Mower
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Time to check out the product page and pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at

I want you folks to know that I am guilty of having jumped to conclusions prematurely in condemning the performance of this machine long before I had enough information to correctly do so. I apologize for having done this and I apologize to woot for casting a shadow on an otherwise very worthy product. I promise to woot and to all that I will exercise far more care and diligence the next time.

Al C.

I’ve had one of these for 6 years & the battery’s doing fine; the only maintenance it’s needed other than cleaning is sharpening the blade.
It’'s quieter than a gas powered mower, but it’s not silent. It’s about like the difference between a Prius (while running) and a Harley.
The smartest thing I did was to tether the big orange plastic "key"to the handle so it just hangs there at the ready while it charges. Make the tether long enough so you don’t have to unhook it to put the key in the starter & it’s always right in reach.

I was in error above in claiming that the battery is a NiCad. It is not. It’s a lead acid battery, which is the same kind of battery used in a large generator, tractor, motorcycle and a car.

I just got this one to replace my B&D corded mower that was so old I was at least the 3rd owner. Wish I could have waited and gotten a better deal!

I am very happy with my purchase so far!

It is available on several other sites for purchase if you miss the Woot… in case you are like me and do not purchase from Walmart.

I have the 19" self-propelled version, the SPCM1936. I have a .27 acre lot and I only use the self-propulsion feature on inclines. I get about 75% of the way through my yard and the battery dies. For right now, I just cut most of my front yard one day, and the rest of the front yard + my back yard the next day, charging the battery back to 100% in between. With 2 batteries, wouldn’t be a problem to get the whole yard done at once. In all fairness, I should mention that I do go as long as possible without mowing my lawn, so it does put a fair amount of strain on the mower, almost certainly lowering the total square footage it can mow on a single charge. But I still have difficulty thinking it could do my entire yard on single charge under perfect conditions, which it says it should do. I’m thinking maybe 85% of my yard… but that’s purely a guess. Still a good buy, though.

4/5 Stars over at Home Depot

I have a previous version of this but in 24v of power, 10 years old. I easily get 3 mowings of my 1/4 acre lot on a single charge. Sounds like a large box fan when running.

I picked up one of these at Home Depot for $199 on a Black Friday deal. Been using it for several months and can get a pretty solid 45 mins to an hour of mowing with it. If the grass is wet or exceptionally long, you can hear it struggle and you will obviously get less mowing time. However, I’ve had it die a few times just shy of finishing and let it charge 20 mins or so and it gave me enough juice for another few mins of mowing.

It’s definitely quieter than a gas powered motor. The Prius to Harley comparison a few posts ago isn’t too far off.

In summary if you don’t have a terribly big yard, this is a pretty nice mower. Not having to deal with and store gas makes it worth it for me… I only wish it had a removable battery like the Ryobi cordless mowers, but at the price I got this, I could almost have bought 2 of these for the price of 1 Ryobi mower.

You must not have very thick grass if you got 3 mowings on .25 acres. On my .2 acre plot I typically could only mow half of my property before I had to recharge the battery, which takes about 10 hours. I typically mowed once a week, but had to break it over two days.

I owned this mower for 3 years before I sold it to a coworker and bought a gas mower. While it is quieter than a gas mower it still has a fairly loud blade-whirring sound. My model didn’t have any kind of power-assist on the front wheels so it was a chore to push it around my property which has some small hills.

Also, 18" blade width is on the lower side. The bigger the length of the blade, the less trips around the yard. Even 3" adds up over the course of mowing a yard.

All in all it’s a good mower for thin grass on a small plot.

It is possibe to go back and edit your incorrect post so your mis-informed facts to not confuse others.

I have (another brand) battery unit that I use for the area further away from outlets and a corded B&D model that works great in the front yard and is much lighter. Simply ignore the numbskulls who cannot resist advising, “Don run over the cord, heh-heh!”

I have an earlier model of this and it works well. Only two gripes: I am 6 ft 4 and the handle does not sit high enough to be comfortable so it can cause a sore back, secondly the handle fastens to the body with a screw going through the handle secured by a threaded knob. This is always coming lose and I am on my third replacement screw having lost the others on the lawn somewhere. Found one later with the mower, that was exciting :slight_smile:

Is the battery on this removable? Could I replace it on my own if it stops charging, or would I need to take it in somewhere?

I had one of the older 24V models and can add a few comments. If it’s like the old B&D the battery is a pain to replace. You have to take the housing apart. The battery won’t be a single 36V unit but rather 3 12V units in series. Replacements can usually be purchased locally for much less then the B&D price. The main point to keep in mind is that blade sharpness is critical. The electric motor just doesn’t have the hp to bull through thick or wet grass with a dullish blade. So check the sharpness on a very regular basis. On the noise, no they are not that quiet. You quickly realize that a gas mower has 2 sources of noise. The gas motor and the blade noise. Take away the gas motor noise and you still have the blade noise which is considerable. If I was in the market for a mower I’d be looking at this or the Ryobi. If the later comes with an easily replaceable battery pack I’d probably go that route.

I had a corded B&D electric mower for a couple of years. Aside from the cord being a PITA, it was a fine mower for my 1/5 acre lawn. As others have stated, it was quieter than a gas mower and I enjoyed that I didn’t have to buy gas for it. Another huge positive was that I could store it upright, as is seen in one of the photos here. This really saved a lot of space in my small garage.
Then everything changed when I switched my lawn from fescue to zoysia. Zoysia grows so dense that this electric mower didn’t stand a chance against it. I had to break down and buy a beefy, high-HP, high-torque, gas-powered mower.
In summary, if your grass isn’t thick, you don’t like buying gas, and you have limited garage space, buy it!

How is the warranty process on this? Does woot get involved at all if warranty issue arises? or is it just between you and black and decker. I am logging in with amazon for the a to z guarantee if that matters.

I am on the fence between this and a 170$ gas lawnmower , would really love to go electric for my 1/3 acre yard but not sure.


I would recommend spending the $3 on some nuts/bolts from a hardware store. Bring one off your mower and you should be able to get what you need easier and avoid shrapnel in your leg. :slight_smile: