Bleeding Heart Liberal or Wingnut Conservative

Sigh. no

THAT was funny!

Voting+Ice Cream = :smiley:

You also get a sense of self satisfaction and the swelling pride of fulfilling your civic duty…also free.

Me Too!

I did the same exact thing. I came in a little late and I thought “wow, two shirts for $10 and they’re still available to purchase?!” but then I noticed you need to choose, which makes sense with the given shirts.

Yes I agree. For those getting one, it’s too bad they will not have their shirt in time for the big day tomorrow.

I think it was a neat idea but I’m not a big fan of how these shirts turned out.
I’ll be wearing my Independence=Independents shirt tomorrow though. :slight_smile:


Obama says no to scurvy.

hahahaha actually I made that connection too, between the moose and Palin but figured to let it go. Not that someone has mentioned it, I gotta say I see it…still a cute shirt though


Liberals ftw. McSame is out. I cant believe he hasnt died before election day anyways… llo

Where’s the chop for this comment? Anyone? Fable?

What state do you live in?

I will not stand for this liberal propoganda that Palin mounted an animal in her living room.

I never said you were trolling. Maybe you should read what you’re responding to before you start talking out your ass.

Hilarious! Only her and Brittney Spears have fallen for it they said.

Captain Bluetooth is PROUD to sponsor McCain!

A worthy rebuttal. I find your ideas intriguing. Perhaps I could subscribe to your newsletter?

In MN. I wish I knew what precinct ksax is in. If ksax was in mine (WBL), I would definitely mock one of these up to wear today…

Agree, obviously he (and maybe “they”) will believe anything “they” might see on TV.