Blink XT Home Security Camera System - 1st Gen

Blink XT Home Security Camera System - 1st Gen

Does this come with new batteries?

I would assume so, they’re regular lithium ion AA batteries.

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Just a heads up that if you put these anywhere that gets any kind of traffic it will chew through batteries.

The life they advertise is if you put them in an attic or something that rarely sees people. I put one in the back of my house to monitor my trash area (screw you for putting dog poop in my box recycling over and over) and it lasted maybe 2-3 weeks.


i have 2 other blink and want to add but it doesnt allow me the option to purchase individual add ons

That’d be because they’re out of stock now. Other wooters scooped them up.

this is accurate, i’ve replaced the batteries in my driveway one like a half dozen times in a year and never replaced the batteries in any of my other ones, lol. probably going to switch them all to rechargable batteries for this reason

I learned after the first week of it pointing out to the street how quickly it can go through batteries I pointed it down to where you can only see my driveway and front walk and I’ve had the same batteries now for the last nine months. I have these in my garage I have them all over and they are super easy to hook up.

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For those of you that are eating up batteries, I found on the mothership, the small solar panel that includes a backup battery, which is usually the Lithium Ion 18650 battery found in flashlights. You connect to the power port and you do not need to install batteries in the battery back of the Blink.


Thanks for sharing. Bought 2 cameras last time and 2 more this time. I’m sold on wireless cameras they work great, just the battery life that’s the issue.

Perfect timing, I just put sliding doors in my backyard and don’t want to pay to add another ring camera to my bundle… This should do nicely!

I just wish these worked with my home mini setup… Too bad these 2 systems can’t play nicely in the sandbox.

Hello - good news, we found more inventory in the add-on camera. It’s updated in the event now if you’d like to purchase. Happy shopping!

These are 1st gen camera and system, the latest is 3rd gen. Just FYI.

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Are the different versions interchangeable?

I just want to chime in and say that if I could go back a year and stop myself from buying these, I would. I like the idea of wireless but as already mentioned, their stated battery life must be from a camera in an attic that gets triggered once a month. Besides that, the app is really not mature… it’s garbage. Their alert management is plain dumb. I really wanted to like these but I can’t. I’m suffering through their lifespan so I don’t feel like I completely wasted $300. I’m already looking for their replacements.

Not even XT2, pass

If you plan to use them for anywhere that gets any traffic, plan to put them where you can use a plug in adapter(which you can buy on A). They burn through the batteries. They also have a lag because of wireless internet. By the time you get the notification - the people are out of the driveway and up the road. The GOOD things is that you do not have to buy storage. If there is a clip I want to keep, then I just email it to myself and then delete it off my account.

They have the add on ones back in stock!!

They are back in stock again for the add-on camera