Blink XT Home Security Camera System - 1st Gen

Blink XT Home Security Camera System - 1st Gen

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Are the batteries also in used - acceptable condition? :thinking:

I just checked a comparison between the XT and the XT2 (which you had here a couple weeks ago), and the first difference listed was the XT records at 720p as compared to the XT2’s 1080p. Your specs (or at least the picture) state these cameras are 1080p.

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More differences:

– The XT views and records in 720p HD resolution, while the XT2 has full 1080p HD resolution.
– Battery life. Both cameras state a 2-year battery life, but the XT2 accomplishes 2-years with HD resolution, 2-way comms, motion detection, and day/night vision.
– External mounting. The mounting bracket for the XT2 cameras is easier to install and has more range of movement for camera adjustments.
– 2-Way communication. The XT doesn’t have 2-way communications available, but the XT2 cameras do.
– Activity zones. With the XT2, you can customize your motion alerts using activity zones. The XT model doesn’t offer activity zone monitoring.

Does anyone know if the batteries can be replaced when they are done?

Yes, they are just disposable lithium AA batteries

Unless woot has struck some sort of special deal with these cameras, the information about free cloud storage is not true. When these models were originally released, that was in fact the case, but since this April 15, 2020, any new Blink accounts only get a 30-day trial, then you must subscribe to at least the basic plan which is a monthly cost of $3 per camera, or annual cost of $30 per camera. Anybody who had an account with Blink prior to the spring of 2020 is grandfathered in for free cloud storage.

Neither the XT nor the XT2 offer any kind of local storage. The latest model, the Blink Outdoor, does offer local storage when using a Sync Module 2.

We work with the Amazon team and these do have cloud storage.

Bought this back in Sept. of 2020. You do get basic limit of cloud storage since it’s an original XT model. I’m sure any new models require plans.

This is straight off Blink’s website:

Are my older cameras compatible with the local storage functionality?
Clips from legacy cameras, the XT2, XT, and Indoor (gen 1), are not stored on your USB drive. These cameras do not require a subscription plan and continue to use their original 7200 seconds of basic cloud storage for the life of the device.

Local Storage (including clip backup) with the Sync Module 2 is only compatible with Blink Outdoor, Indoor (gen 2), and Mini cameras.

This is a quick question I have and I’m sure this probably isn’t the best place to ask, but I’m casting my net wide:

I recently purchased 3 Blink cameras via Amazon which came with 30 day cloud storage. They now are offering me the $3 per month per camera to continue using their service.

I don’t know a thing about cloud storage, camera’s, etc.

Is there a free service out there that I can switch my Blink cameras over to? I don’t typically save clips from my cameras or anything, but I kinda would like to avoid using a paid service for them.

Any suggestions?


Here is my post comparing the different versions:

I have XT camera system and I do have Activity Zones Setting for each camera

Activity Zones - User can disable area you donot want motion sensor to pickup movement.