Blink XT Camera System or Add-On Camera

Blink XT Camera System or Add-On Camera

For $30 more than the 5 camera system, you could have gotten the XT2 model instead of the XT1, with the 5 cameras and a free echo Dot from Amazon. This deal expired today, womp womp.

Best Buy sold the XT2 with 3 cameras and a free echo dot for $184 all through November, which is $24 more for the much better version and a free echo dot. This Woot deal is pretty cold.

Amazon (11/28) also sold the XT2 single cameras for $50, which is $19 less than these XT1 single camera option here.

What is the difference between the XT and the XT2 ? The Blink XT2 has two-way audio and the ability to record while in live view. The XT2 camera also features customizable motion detection and double the battery usage of the XT on a single set of batteries when recording video.

Personally I’d wait for a better deal as these constantly go on sale at Best Buy and Amazon with far better promos and versions.

update: has the 3 camera pack of the XT2 for $149 shipped if you’re a member.


Thanks, great info. Honestly I had not even noticed that this was the older model until you pointed it out.

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I agree, hold off until you can get the XT2 cameras, with the 2 way audio is valuable. The old XT only has 1 way audio.


This isn’t a stellar deal, but I’ve got both xt1 and xt2 cameras in my set up. I’ve seen zero difference between the two in real world usage. I would buy more xt1s without thinking twice if the price were right.