bounty of county

bounty of county

Got one! Yay! or Boo! Crap.

pass. left someone else be dissapointed…:grinning:

Got it!

VOP man that came out of nowhere

Checked at the right time and managed to Snag a Bag!



See, this is what happens when I try to work for a few seconds. Never again.


Not right that we can’t get one on the busiest day of the year on the internet, cyber Monday should be open to all!

Score!!! So much for my decluttering efforts.

Hooray!! Got one!!

Dont fib. You were napping.


Was that up longer than normal? Maybe everyone got some on black friday? I got one but it didn’t feel like i had to fight for it :neutral_face:

What if I’m being paid to do a sleep study?

Scored one early, so it’s actually going to be a productive Monday in the office!

Wait… is that a good thing or a bad thing?

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Darn waiting page :frowning:

They sold 3,000 from Friday through yesterday.

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Woot! Checked it at the right time and scored myself a Baggie!

Nailed it! One crap sack headed my way. Now I can be slightly more productive at work without checking woot every 30 seconds for disappointment.