Breville 4 Slice Panini Press

I know Paninis are Italian, but is this machine capable of doing Cuban sandwiches as well?


That’s almost bad enough to be worth a probation.

Have one, this thing is amazing… ham, harvati cheese and slices of granny smith apple highly recommended

froogled - only 2 prices, but over double the Woot price!

apple? wat?

The manual is for 520XL, Woot is selling 540XL. The one difference I noticed is that the Woot one has a flat top plate, where as the 520XL (on Amazon) has grooves.

Product Website

The manual is for both models.

Ah, I see they mention both models in the manual but the file name is BSG520XL.pdf. Besides the top plate, is there any difference?

How’s your French? YouTube video

The best part of a panini is those lovely grill marks! I wouldn’t consider this a true press without grooves.

didn’t make any sense but thanks for sharing :smiley:

It’s getting better all the time…

Apple? duuuude !!

Gotta agree with you… I have some friends who have one of these and just used it at a party last week. The grooves are what really makes a panini a panini. Do love the word… good name for a dog. Knew a Lab named Paganini.

Panini recipes:

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Taternuggets’s classic Woot video

You either work for Woot or you will soon be working for Woot.