Breville Café Modena Espresso Machine

No so hot reviews on Amazon

Breville does make good looking machines, you have to give them that.

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Reviews are better at froogle

Still, pretty dismal at Amazon. Espresso machines are, unfortunately, one of those items you USUALLY have to fork over a few hundred bucks before they get decent. Even then, you gotta do your homework.

Can anyone at Woot! verify if the water container on the back of this machine is ‘stinky’ as the Amazon reviews suggest?

I’ve had one of the Breville Cafe Roma espresso, very similar looking to this I got over two years ago on WOOT and it works great! I’ve been making one or two latte’s a day for two years from that machine and it was $90 I think refurbished. Think I might get this one just to have a backup at this price!

Be careful with the milk steamer. If you aren’t used to it, you will produce a spectacular milk shower, just like diet coke and mentos.

More info here. I looked at this machine when I bought my Delonghi but it was more than I wanted to spend without knowing how often I’d be making espresso. Turns out I make it often but I’m happy with the Delonghi. This price compares to new steam machines, which generally suck.

If you’re interested in trying home espresso without spending a lot but not burning the grounds, I’d say this is a good price.

I have the other model woot sells by breville.

the quality is amazing. <3

A few years back this exact same machine was marketed by Mr. Coffee. Mine blew a gasket and sprayed hot water on me after about 3 months of light use.

I own this machine and it works amazingly. Breville is a great brand and I highly recommend this product.

From a comment on Amazon

The water container is made from #7 plastic, which should not be used for food or beverages

got one! good deal!
but, Woot, can you please move out of WA?
You are not welcome here!!! I dislike paying sale tax! LAME!

Same here, get out of Texas :slight_smile:

Review at Espresso Maker Review Site

and here’s the manual

Looks like this is the same machine and has a bunch more reviews.

The major problem seems to be the double walled filter getting clogged with to fine of a grind. If you a nice burr grinder it might not be a problem for you. I don’t have super grinder so I will probably get a Delonghi as they have a rebate out for their low end machines a it should be about the same price after that.

I’ve had one of these for over 3 years. Highly recommended. Very durable. I paid a little over $100 for mine and it’s worth every penny. For $60 you’d get a very reliable espresso machine.

I bought one of these back in2008 from Amazon. Im not sure if it is the exact model or not (Factory-Reconditioned Breville XXESP8XL Café Roma Espresso Maker) but it looks the same. I havent had any problems with it and it is very easy to use and does an excellent job. I gave $130 for a refurbished one.