Brush Choices, Woot Template etc.


I am very new to teeshirt design and whilst I have scoured the net for tutorials and I’ve found a few really good ones for halftones, I’m lacking foundation knowledge.

(btw I have PS CC and a Wacom Bamboo - truly a case of ‘all the gear but no idea’)

  1. For brush choices, is it pretty much isolated to any hard brush at 100% opacity to prevent different shades of one colour appearing? Would you use a soft-edged brush (and subsequent conversion) where you want a halftone to create texture?

  2. What (do you find) is the best process to follow when creating? Scribbles > Sketch > Line Art > Colour Flats > Shading and Light?

  3. With regards to the Photoshop template, it appears to have been segmented, so you can’t bucket fill the shirt with your chosen colour. I’ve gotten around this with inverting a magic wand selection of the black lines, but it’s still a bit clunky. Maybe I’m missing something, but why has it been segmented?

  4. Finally, what mistakes do beginners always seem to make and which I can avoid?

I’d be really grateful for any input you can offer, so hopefully I will be able to submit something soon.