Burnt Octopus Chunks

I think the VoP is working better as an intended line que vs jumping out and having to get back in line. Which is why this boc took longer to sell out

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I’ve purchased the highlighters and ream of paper without issue. On the app.



That’s so cruel.

YAY!!! I got one! Woot! Now preparing for disappointment :wink:


Is the app showing the BOC first now?

It’s not alive. the salt in the soy sauce is making the muscles move… kinda gross>

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I have never had luck with my phone on crap.

I got all excited and then realized I was in the same boat :frowning:

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Yes. Although it’s quick to get you to the VoP however, the last wootoff and I’m assuming this time(being app week and all), the app has performed a bit better than browser

Me too, but hey, I couldn’t even get the foil. Lol. I have a very long list of “things you missed” in my cart.

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it use to show up in the forum first. Guess thats not the case anymore

As a consolation prize, take a few minutes and listen to weird al sing about aluminum foil and it’s many uses.


I found that getting rid of the missed items in my cart made the checkout process much faster. Which is crucial during wootoff.

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Out of curiosity, does anyone ever get out of vop when using the app? I will get out of vop and on my computer and get something but for the app I NEVER get out of VOP. I’m still in this one

Thanks Wooter. I missed that.

Also missed the code. Not that I could’ve/would’ve used it for my walkies. I know from the past that those things fly, almost as fast as the Buffoons of Comedians.


Yes, I pull down and refresh while in the VOP (maybe too often) but I have gone through to purchase

I thought (assumed?) refreshing while in VOP bumped you to the back of the line :thinking:

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They updated the app and the push notifications, while I’m not sure if the browsers got the same treatment. The push notifications have been somewhat useful as well.

Really? I always worried that I was forgotten about and wanted to make sure they know I’m still waiting. I don’t know the proper protocol. I’ve gotten through both ways. Once I was VoPd and 10 seconds later sent through. Another took 3 mins