Camp Chef 120-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Screen

Camp Chef 120-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Screen
Price: $149.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Camp Chef 120-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Screen
Price: $149.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
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Condition: New


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For a tensioned? screen, preview 3 sure looks like it has a lot of slack and folds on the screen.

And shouldn’t this be in tech! woot? Its not a tool, and I certainly don’t think it would go well in a garden! Gotta love woot! these days!

Time to check out the product page and if you ever need a replacement screen, you can find one right here

Slightly bigger, but you get the idea

That replacement screen is for the OS120. The item here on Woot is the OS120L. According to the specs there is a 10lb difference in the weight of the two screens.

I bought one of these in a previous sale on sellout.woot I have taken it out on 12 camping trips and has never failed in terms of wind issues or tears. Well built construction and the metal stakes are solid and useful in windy days along with the Included anchor ropes. The only thing I suggest is to buy a white sharpie and right the letters on both the tubes and where they go in the case.

People go on camping trips and then haul all this stuff so they can watch some movie in the wilderness and blast audio all over? Why not just stay home?

I have a small living room, but a large back yard. This would be great for having friends over, BBQ, movies, gaming. Yeah… Just gotta convince the wife that we need this, and a projector.

i dunno guys… i think a nice big sheet or two against that large building would be just as good. plus you could make it as big or small as you want. seems like theres nothing special about the actual screen itself.

Why yes there is something special about this one. It has fresh grass stains from laying it face down on their nice, plush lawn.

Wow, for once in a long time I can actually provide decent input.

I lived in a house with like 3 roommates (big ass house). Had a nice big flat back wall area between the living room and one of the bedrooms. We set up a big ol’ bedsheet (we chose one of about 500 TC so it wasn’t too thin) on the wall about every other weekend as we’d have parties there about 20-30 people.

After about 3 viewings, we discovered that the wind, outdoor conditions, being posted up on the side of the building (we tried the fence but just not enough wind-protection there) had already torn through sections, and the hour it took on ladders trying to keep the dang thing tensioned enough between four corners being tacked to the outer wall was not really worth it. We went out and got a proper screen like this, and it cost roughly $200 at the time (I don’t recall the size, 100 or so). The screen lasted some two years, no tears or scratches, minimal maintenance required… (we didn’t show in inclement weather because well who wants to sit in the rain to watch a movie). It even set up pretty easy in the living room though the place got crowded.

If you’re short on money, a bedsheet “will do”, but as a decent one that isn’t like 250 TC and looks like crap is still gonna cost about $50-$70… might as well get this and get a LOT more use out of it.

Where? I looked at all 3 images I couldn’t find any grass stains. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a newbie to this. If I purchase the screen today, other than a projector what other cost am I looking at to show a movie in the backyard?

Also…Can someone suggest a quality inexpensive starter projector? Would be used to show kid movies in the backyard.

Can someone confirm the total height of the screen and stand. Is it 126" (Floor to Frame 26.5 + Frame Height 99.5") or does the Overall Frame Dimensions include the stand? I could probably calculate this myself using the 120" diagonal but it’s early in the morning & I’m late for work!



OK, I’ll give you a serious reply :slight_smile:

You would need a video source (DVD or Bluray player, or cable box) and an audio source. Some cheap projectors have a built in speaker, but don’t expect much from that, especially outdoors. You could get by with an old ‘boom box’ as your audio source as long as your video source and said boom box have matching out/inputs (like RCA - the red & white coax cables) for audio. Or, you could get fancy and go with a home theater receiver with full HDMI in and outputs and full 9.2 channel surround! That may be overkill for the occasional outdoor movie.

I set up a projector, cable box, and old boom box in our garage years ago for a Penn State away game tailgate party. It worked fine.

As for a reasonably priced projector, there are plenty of no-name brands out there for around the $100 mark that should work. If you want a reputable name brand and are looking for HD video, you’re likely starting in the $600 range. Or, you could check out the sellout plus deal for some reasonably priced projectors!

I am thinking of doing the same thing. I was looking at using a “home theater” set-up with built in blu-ray player. Assuming this works, takes care of the picture source and the audio. Plus, Woot has them on a regular basis from $100 to $300.

I am still trying to understand the specs on the projectors. So, I would be interested in hearing what you choose.

I hope to pull all of the pieces together before this summer.