Carrera Agent Black Water Gun 1:14 Scale RC SUV

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Carrera Agent Black Water Gun 1:14 Scale RC SUV
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Could be fun, but not for that price.

$68.66 on Amazon

This is just what I need to chase off that pesky neighborhood cat!!

Or… I could use the hose.

Get this for a Roomba hunter.

i want

I heard this is a tried and true method of removing prairie dogs.

This could be the greatest Fathers day gift ever!

This guy is pretty excited about the car:

I heard that gangs in Boston were putting bleach in these babies and spraying unsuspecting bystanders. The mayor has threatened to ban all Carrera Agent Black Water Gun 1:14 Scale RC SUVs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Prefect for those water-sensitive aliens. Mel Gibson needs one.

I was needing something the wet the ankles of all my friends.

turn your windshield wiper nozzles sideways n spray people with windows down or in convertibles. plus u get the fun of driving yourself.

Is it a water gun or a RC?

Both? Awesome

1:14 scale, 6M range. So, 6x14 or 84M in real life. Do they have one of these in real-life. I’ve never seen a water gun on a full size SUV?

According to google, all of the daily deal sites have this for $35 plus shipping, or $40 + free shipping. Hopefully this one will be mopped up fairly soon.

Great for pool parties…mobile shots for 8.5 people!!!

6 meters? Metric system, bah!

For us 'mericans: Shoots water over 19 feet!