Carty Favors

Hey, Woot…what gives?

You’ve been selling those Fiesta knife sets for $19.99 – I know, since I bought a set a few weeks back – and now that Woot Off! is here, you bump the price UP to $22.99?

Little sleight of hand going on?

Hey Bruce, I looked it up by the item number and only came up with two prices for this color: $29.99 and $22.99.

What’s up with the sizes on the super man shirt?

Middle size is listed as: Size: Tue May 06 2014 00:00:00 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)

What’s the actual size?

I’m actually waiting on this information too?

Heh. I think it’s supposed to be 5/6 but I’m checking and asking for a fix.

UPDATE: Yup, upload error for 5/6. Fixed now.

I would never question, you, TT — you keep this place upright and airtight…

…but I bought the Fiesta chocolate steak knife set on Aug. 30 and the cobalt set on Sept. 4. Both were part of the same sale, and both were $19.99.

Ah, those would be different part numbers. Maybe those colors weren’t as popular? Or we had more of them? Who knows how the mind of wootbot works.