Casio MTP1227E-5AV Tough Solar Power Watch


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no way!

this is my page.

You’ll probably want to click on " > Woots" just above, and naviagte from there to whichever page you were seeking. by using the page numbers…

I can misformat the rest of it all away now… just to illustrate the point:

THANK YOU, BigD, for noticing!

Folks, BigD edited away my goofy misformatting stuff, so now rather than put it back I’m going to consider the point made, and the solution is probably on its way for all of us. May take more than a short time, I know.



I give up good night!! too many hours of WOOT OFF for 2 walkie talkies and a tv recording thing i didnt need… Ahhh horrible!





WOOTNIGHT ™!!! A salutation I hope to use soon. I want to go to bed!! [;)]

Casio MTP1227E-5AV Tough Solar Power Watch

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ugh another one


WTF happened O.O
the other one didnt even sell out


this should kill the rest of the morning…

I mean, wow! Use the sun to power your watch!!! Awesome!




Hey Rev, you wanna lead us in a prayer that they only have a few of these? please??

I dont want to wait, want something GREAT then sleep




what the dump!?!?! reward our dedication! dang it!!!


bad one… :frowning:






there are 2900 units.




No more!