Char-Broil 36,000 BTU 3-Burner Gas Grill w/ Wheels

Again? Wasn’t this sold out earlier?

We got more qty!!!

Woot!!! Yes!!! I missed this earlier!!! Awesome!!!

Char-Broil 36,000 BTU 3-Burner Gas Grill w/ Wheels
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: FREE SHIPPING (Unless it’s wine)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jul 14 to Tuesday, Jul 15) + transit
Condition: New


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7/11/2014 - $79.99 - 0 comment(s)

This is a very nice grill and lower than store price. But why are you allowing only 90 day warranty? This is a new item and new items usually come with a full year warranty.

Well, some of the reviews are not so kind if you’re looking for a grill that lasts more than a year or two.

Ive had a few charbroils and the definitely seem to be disposable. They never seem to have the parts after a few years.

Happy to see the additional quantity being offered. I missed it earlier and have been looking for a cheap grill. I don’t expect it to last more than a couple of years, but even so, you can’t beat the price. Free shipping is an added bonus. If only Woot would go back to the $5 for all items purchased in one day…I’d probably be ordering many more items than I currently do.

Woot has great products at great prices. I’ve been a member for many years. Unfortunately, when something defective gets sent out, you are stuck. There is NOTHING you can do. I have 6 case numbers, and I’ve PM’d Thunder Thighs. I’ve called Amazon. No luck. I’ve made my last purchase from Woot. And I’m not buying anything else from Amazon until this is fixed.

Probably a 3 year max grill when kept covered, but a super deal at 79.00. I am in for one. I have an older Char-Broil and it has held up quite well, and I am by no means fastidious with grill upkeep and cleaning. Great for any type of grilling on this unit. Not the largest of cooking area but with some creative placement of grilled items I don’t think you can go wrong here. I am especially appreciative of the quick assembly Char-Broil describes here on the HD website “This grill was designed to be fast and easy assembly, so you can go from box to grilling in a matter of minutes”.
This is important, as I spent nearly 3 hours assembling a similar grill.

I’ve been browsing grills for a while and haven’t been able to make the decision yet. For my low-volume grilling, this should do the trick. Coming back in stock is an omen.

I know it can annoying and I told myself that when I last ordered a 100.00+ light fixture only to receive the wrong item. It took a couple months to straighten out, but they finally did send out the right item. Since, I have bought a nice GPS and this grill. I will keep shopping Woot. Be persistent.