Charbroil Infrared 2 or 3-Burner Gas Grills

Poked around on the Char-Broil site and it doesn’t look like these can be converted to NG. You might check with C-B directly though. Looks like they have online chat.

You have to get the conversion kit. I switched mine to Natural Gas and it’s great. The conversion kit isn’t too difficult.

Taste the meat, not the heat!

I don’t get it - what makes it infrared? Isn’t all heat infrared?

yes all heat is IR but these grates are more solid, with little holes in the top. It reduces flare up and has less open space so small things don’t fall through. That’s what they mean. It makes good grille marks and gives off good, even heat. The little two burner is usable from corner to corner. The middle is obviously hotter but it’s a matter of about 100 degrees last time I checked, not hot/ cold like some “regular” gas grilles.

You can take a bowl of shrimp, or cut up fajita meat and veggies for example, and just toss it on the grill like it’s a flat top because it’s not as open. You do have to clean the grates a little different. I just take them to the lawn and scrape them with the supplied tool, then heat them up and brush. Easy. I scrape every couple of uses for regular things like burgers, more for things that leave a lot of mess behind (like chicken marinated in herbs and garlic that leaves lots of burned on bits of herbs and garlic…)

I have the 2 burner version (which has fold down side tables- handy for small spaces) on my patio in the corner next to the wood burning smoker and the charcoal grille.

It’s great for throwing something on in a hurry, just grilling up a side, for getting carmelization on a sauce applied to something you smoked, for tossing a burger on for lunch in a hurry… all the way up to grilling up a slab of salmon or something. It’s also the “side burner” for stuff if I’m doing a big cook on my big smokers, throw a cast iron pan right on it and go to town.

I’ve only had mine a summer but it’s holding up well. You do have to scrape the grille plates off, and I have had some issues with sticking-- porcelain coated will do that. I really prefer cast iron but Oh well- I have another grille with that.

If you give things a little oil before putting them on (oil in marinade, rub a little on the steak, or the fish skin) and keep the porcelain clean and hot it does alright.

I paid $194 for the 2 burner via amazon in April.

it’s hard to tell from the picture of the grates, as you see lines from the top of the grate, but the low (the dark between the visible high spots) is not open. Viewed from the side the grate is like a wave, like convoluted cardboard. The lows are filled in and there are little holes on the ridges.

OH- one thing to mention- ignitor works great, but if you get a flame out, the more solid grille design WILL allow gas to build up under the plates. If you have your face near it, and you re-ignite absentmindedly, you WILL lose your eyebrows, and the grates will lift a little before clanging back down.

Your girlfriend will then come out to the patio and laugh at you. At least mine did.

Remember gas in confined places goes WOOOOOF when ignited, kids…

I have an older version of the 3+1 burner model, and have also had problems with rust. I currentl cannot use the 2-burner side as the trough has rusted completely though, and will need to replace all three grates due to rust as well. I bought a branded cover when I got the grill, and followed the recommended cleaning cycle. For the replacement fire bowls, I am going to upgrade to an aftermarket stainless steel version, and am considering options on the grates as well.

Cooking on it has been wonderful. But they never should have cut corners going with an enameled surface instead of going with stainless from the start.

Or maybe they are referring to a propane grill using an accepted standard.

From a fairly assembly-challenged middle aged woman, can anyone tell me what the assembly is like on this? Does it come totally in pieces? Or is most of it already assembled, and you just have to attach a few things? Thanks for any info

I’d like to know that as well. The last grill I bought took me 3 days to put together. I’m not going through that mess again. I’ve never seen so many washers and bolts before.

I know Lowe’s and Home Depot offer free assembly, that’s why I’m looking there mostly.

There are assembly instructions in the linked User Manuals in the descriptions, but I also found a Youtube video.


Is this the Professional TRU Series?

Check out the manual for the specific model numbers and specifications.

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. Got busy at work. I think my old CB was a 3 burner.

I ended up going with a Weber Genesis s-330. You won’t find a Weber on “sale”. The price is consistent wherever you go. What you may find is a place that’ll sell at full retail, but kick in something like a $100 gift card like I did.