Char-Griller Grillin' Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill

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Char-Griller Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill
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TONS of solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at and check out the product page

See what’s cookin inside the Manual

Lowes reviews are kind of ‘rounded’. Even a 5-star review will have several 1-star ones when you sort low-to-high. I have stopped relying on them.

I bought this grill off of Amazon for my dad about 9 months ago. Its a great grill for the price (I paid about $30 more). It gets hot quick, I’ve had it up to about 625 degrees, the thermometer is a nice feature, the grates are porcelain coated, and its a nice size. I assume it wasn’t too difficult to put together since my mom did it by herself (I had it shipped to their place for my dad’s bday). Overall great grill, no complaints.

I’ve owned this grill for over 3 years now and I’ve absolutely loved it.

There are a few hot spots near the back middle of mine, but overall it’s been reliable and consistent.

The electric starter on it still works, surprisingly, with just one changed battery this whole time.

The only complaint I have is with the side burner. The wire stand that goes on top of the burner is a bit too tall, so there’s a pretty sizable gap between the burner and your actual pot. On a particularly windy day this can become annoying as the flame will like to go out.

I have this grill, and it works really well. It definitely heats up though! Mine stays pretty consistently at about 400 to 425 degrees with all three burners on LOW. With the shape of the grill it also holds up to wind very well. I’ve grilled on my 3rd floor patio on some pretty windy days.

Put-together was a bit of a pain but nothing terrible. It does have some weight to it, which I like because it seems more sturdy.

If you are putting this on an apartment balcony, just a note. It was just shy (by an inch or three) of fitting out my patio door. I had to take the burner control assembly back off and remove one wheel and finish assembling outside.

Own this. Rusted out over winter, while fully covered. Cooks good, but falling apart. Better uses for your money than this.

Does it only take LP, or can I use my Natural Gas line?

I am an idiot…where do you get gas for these? Do you have to buy the container and fill it up or do you basically rent the container.

Home Improvement Stores, like Home Depot for the gas. Not sure how it works, but I think you buy the container and go get it refilled over and over. I could be wrong. You may be able to rent it.

You can buy a full tank, then exchange it at a lower cost as needed. It’s not a rental since you own the tank, you just trade the tank in for a full one each time. Or you can buy a tank and get it refilled at specialty stations, but I find that to be more expensive and trouble.

I also own this grill and love it. If it rusts out on you then you’re not following directions. The manual says that much like a cast iron skillet, you must keep it oiled. I spray it with cooking oil and wipe it down every now and then. No issues.

I’ve done both, bought a full exchangeable container for $50 then exchange it for $19.50 at a participating grocery store (rip-off, you get less propane and no more convenient than compared to just going and getting one filled somewhere else) shop around, prices vary widely. I’ve found it’s much cheaper and easier to have one filled once you find a place close by that doesn’t gouge you.

You would need to convert it to natural gas line. Not sure this grill is worth the hassle.

You buy a tank. Then you either refill or exchange as needed. If you exchange, be aware that you won’t be getting a full tank. Your tank will be 20lbs, but the exchange will likely only have 15 in it. It’s cheaper to have it filled. You’ll get more for the same price. Uhaul fills them, some hardware stores will. The occasional gas station and the cheapest option is usually a place that sells campers.

Also, hit up a salvage yard. They probably have tanks from scraped grills for dirt cheap.

Stay Far away from this one. One season and it started rusting out. Now after 2 years of light use and keeping the official cover on it when not in use there are many rusted areas and the grill plates are unusable. The ceramic coating has blistered and flaked off in many places. The plates are a special size and cost 30 dollars a piece to replace. The generic replacements wont fit, they are a 1/4 inch too short. The top rack is just about rusted apart on my POS. On top of that the shut off the propane bottle is in an awful place if you mount it as indicated in the instructions. You are guaranteed to burn your self if you try to turn it off when its hot. The hose from the propane tank runs through a bracket that eventually rubs a hole in the hose. Not Good. And to add insult to injury the auto igniter no longer works. Never again Chargriller!!!

I have owned this grill for over two years. I bought it from Lowe’s and assembled it. Two of the pieces were mangled during storage. The CharGrill people provided excellent support and shipped the necessary pieces to me in just a few days.

The grill itself is great at holding temperature. Other gas grills I have owned required constant fiddling with the settings. This one I can set it and know it will hold it’s temperature. As pointed out by a previous poster, the grill is hotter in the back than the front. As long as you know where those spots are you can use them to your advantage in searing the meat (or tofu or protein of choice) and then cooking it through.

I have had a slight problem with internal rusting even though I have a grill cover. I attribute that to not keeping it as clean as I should.

At $129 dollars, this thing is a steal! If you want a very good grill that you won’t have to throw away at the end of the summer, get this now!

If you do the salvage yard thing and plan on having it refilled and not exchanged, pay attention to the date stamped on the cylinder. 20 lb tanks are good for 12 years from the date stamped on it. After that they must be re-certified which is good for 5 years. It’s generally cheaper to get another tank than go through the re-certification hassle.

If salvage yards do indeed accept empty tanks, you would have to be careful because they likely would be expired (older than 12 years) and you would need to pay to have them recertified. I think most people, when pitching grills, keep their old tanks as spares anyways. If they do make it to the curb, others grab up tanks in good condition quickly.