North American Outdoors Heavy Duty Charcoal Grill

**Item: **North American Outdoors Heavy Duty Charcoal Grill
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New (Scratch & Dent Model)

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I have a different model made by this company and I can tell you they make very good grills. I have a combo smoker/grill and I have never had any issues. They are made well and hold up to poor weather too.

This is a pretty decent deal. 587 inches is about 24.5" x 24" (2 ft square roughly), which puts it around the same as but for tenbux cheaper and perhaps slightly better quality.

That said, things like the porcelain enameled grates will eventually chip and become very much non-stick. Then again, you’re only paying $70, so you get what you pay for

Public Service Announcement: I learned this weekend - Clean your grill often, or the stuff you drop will catch on fire, even on low setting, and char your food at 700 degrees.

Where were you when I bought my two Webers? I love the look and the charm.

Does anyone know how well these grill?

using this grill to cook some tri-tips? [youtube=G3IgFsEEOik][/youtube]

Does anyone know a shipping weight for this model or a website for the maker?


Same for the oven… If you use an oven’s self cleaning option, make sure there is no fresh grease in it or it WILL catch on fire. Plain logic would make a man think it would snuff itself out, that is not always the case. Once the door locks during self cleaning, there is no opening it. Sleep well kiddies.

hmm…i can’t seem to find any reviews on this grill online at all. And on top of that, i can’t find any site that actually sells this model to do a comparison… I don’t know if that’s good or bad…

Or slightly used? I swear it looks like the grate in the photos have some grease/use on them…maybe from an after-hours Woot BBQ before the photos were taken?

Correct. We’ve had our NAO gas grill for about three years now, and the grates are rusting now. No real impact on the food, except I’ve got to give them a good hit with a wire brush before cooking.

item name changed, got it now

Remember, it’s charcoal. As far as I know, charcoal has, potentially, about 9000 BTUs/lb.

Ummm…this grill is charcoal.

Having spent a recent weekend cooking on what I believe was this grill. I have the following comments. First of all the grill was covered and appeared well cared for, almost new but had a significant amount of rust on it. The loading of the charcoal into the grill from the chimney charcoal starter was a pain. The temperature was a challenge to adjust and Adding additional charcoal once you were cooking was a pain. I have been using a kettle Webber style grill and quality lump charcoal for 20 years. I would reccomend the Webber over this for everyday grilling. Perhaps this was designed to be more of a smoker than a grill.

Although, you would be able to open that front panel and lob some briquets in that way. But I do love my old Weber grill. What caught my eye was the upper level to keep things warm, and the handy shelves on either side. But now Weber has that fancy model with one too, altho it’s too $$$!

I have a Kingsford grill, almost identical to this, with the exception of the chimney and the extra shelf, I got at the big W last year before Memorial Day. I LOVE it. I do have a cover for mine and I do take good care of it, being it is a “cheapy” but the grill area itself is substantial, keeps heat in well, and it smokes well when using wood chips. Adding extra charcoal is kind of a pain, but I just lower the pan and shovel it in with a fireplace shovel and spread it out that way, which makes it easy peasy. Also, I was able to find cast iron grill plates on the big “A” that replaced the chrome plated ones that came with the unit. I spent just under $100 for mine and I’m really happy with it and if I didn’t have mine or needed a new one I’d buy this one. Just my .02.

So what does the handle do? Raise and lower live critters into the fire?

Does anyone know the specs? How long and wide the grill area? Thanks

No - by turning the handle you can raise or lower the fire.