North American Outdoors Heavy Duty Charcoal Grill

**Item: **North American Outdoors Heavy Duty Charcoal Grill
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New (Scratch & Dent Model)

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Here is the most useful review from a previous sale:

Steer clear: I purchased this exact grill the last time it was on woot about a month ago. The front face panel has the hole for the charcoal tray adjuster (the handle on the wheel) on the wrong side. Mine is still unassembled awaiting a replacement front panel that is currently not available but is “on order” from North American Outdoors’ supplier.

I’ve used large coal grills for at least 15 years. The model I own is from a different company somewhat similar in shape to this one so I can’t comment on the ones sold here.
But If you are curious about cooking with coal in a large grill such as the one on sale tonight, I can share some useful tips.

You control the temperature by lowering/raising the bed of coals closer or further from the food. You can also create different heat zones by varying the size of the coal pile (piled high for high heat and vice-versa).

You could use “easy light” coal brisquets but (a) they are made out of tons of chemicals, (b) generate tons of ashes. I don’t recommend them at all.

My recommendation is to instead use hardwood lump coal (there is a Cowboy brand at home improvement homes and hardware stores everywhere but any brand will do). Hard coal unlike the briquettes are NOT made or coated with petroleum chemicals but you can still light them quickly, if you get a “chimney” like the one below

(at home improvement stores, Amazon or even Walmart). They cost $10-$16 but you will never need to buy (or smell) lighter or starter fluid again .

To light the coal, you fill the chimney with coal (“pour” it from the bag). To avoid having to use lighter fluid, create a small pile ( “nest like”) of newspaper strips in the middle of the grill, light up the paper pile, place the coal-filled chimney over it and in 10-15 min (or less) they will all be lit. Empty the hot coals unto the grill bed and put the chimney away under the grill. Depending on how much food you are cooking, you can add as many unlit coals from the bag on top of the lit ones as you want. Keep in mind hardwood coal will stay lit much longer than briquettes. So you will use a lot less.

If that doesnt sound quick enough, the first thing you should do is light up the coal-filled chimney, then while you prepare whatever you are going to grill (clean/cut/season) the coals are getting ready and the coal and grill will both be ready to use when you are ready to grill.

Again, you could use coal briquettes but if you use hardwood (lump) coal instead, your food WON’T have a chemical smell or taste, the hardwood coal will last and stay lit much longer, it will burn hotter and it’ll produce a heck of a lot less ashes than coal briquettes do.

Food tastes great in a grill like this one specially when using hardwood lump coal.

Kind of tempting actually.

The grill plate looks a bit flimsy. Anyone know if they’re a regular kind of replaceable size?

Been through way too many experiences with grills where the only factor of their demise was the grill plate corroding or cracking and a replacement costing the same I paid for the whole grill.

In regards to the front panel being the wrong one. Has anyone purchased one successfully and had this not be the case?

I bought this grill the last time it was offered and wound up returning it. It was not at all “heavy duty” and after putting it half together I found out that the hole for the crank was drilled on the wrong side making it unusable. Don’t waste your time or money.

Strips of newspaper sounds too much like Work! :wink: I just crumple one sheet of newspaper (lightly) and put about a tablespoon of vegetable oil on to the newspaper and stuff it in the bottom. Newspaper stays in place and the little bit of oil helps assure a good, fast start.

My brother-in-law has this exact grill and cooks with it on a regular basis. I have used it myself as well so let me outline a few personal observations.

  1. You get what you pay for, and at this price it is exactly what you would expect as far as build quality and durability. The quality and thickness of the metal is mediocre at best and construction is weak. Keep this grill on a level, flat surface at all times and don’t move it once you find a good place for it or gaps will open and parts begin to bend.

  2. The coal tray lift mechanism is flimsy at best and charcoal dust easily finds its way into every hinge and lever, making even the simplest parts of this grill harder to manipulate and adjust over time.

  3. The cooking grate is sub-par and unless you are skilled at cooking on narrow-gauge wire grates then you should take great care that food does not break apart and fall into the fire. The use of a grilling pan with holes in it or a grilling basket will make things much easier.

  4. We expected much more prep time to get the grill ready for cooking (as with almost all large charcoal grills), but the amount of clean-up time is excessive. You must remove ash as soon as possible (especially in a high-humidity state like Florida) otherwise this grill will literally be eaten alive in a single season. Trying to remove grease and food drippings and all the ash usually makes a big mess and requires extra time to clean up other things/areas after you do.

  5. Don’t plan on using this grill if your cooking involves the terms “small” or “quick”. Keep this thing for larger amounts where you have plenty of time (preferably all day). If you enjoy cooking with charcoal and have only a few people to cook for and want a quick, easy clean-up then I strongly recommend the Lodge Sportsman Grill which is slightly larger and more heavy-duty than a traditional hibachi. It has all the benefits of a charcoal grill without much of the hassle - and it can be cleaned out with a garden hose. For about the same price as today’s Woot, it will be far superior albeit smaller choice.

Cheers - Jon651

I bought one of these the last time it was on Woot, about a month ago. The fit and finish was horrible, there were missing parts, and parts ere bent.

When I used it for the first time the crank that adjusts the height of the coals seized up and I had to do some deft maneuvers to keep things from burning.

After this first and only use I dragged it out to the alley and let the scrapers haul it away. I went to my local big box home improvement store and bought a similar grill for $200 and have been happily grilling ever since.

As tempting as it is for the price, save your money.

Based upon what others have said i would recommend going for a weber kettle. You can get the 18.5 inch one for $10 more, or the 22.5 inch one for $30 more and they will last forever.

I purchased this grill for my husband after reading many reviews some good some not so good. We received it in good condition (no damage on the box). As we started to put it together we didn’t get far when we started having problems…pictures not great on some steps…some parts were already together, which directions stated we had to assemble that made. Things a little confusing…then when we went to put on the crank on the front of the grill that raises and lowers the coals we discovered the hole was drilled on the wrong side.
I called customer service, and was on the phone for a 1/2 hour max. In the end they are sending us a new one the only bad thing is we have a 3 week wait cause the part is on back order.
I’ll report on my satisfaction level when we get the new part.

Grille takes much longer to put together than what the instructions say. It really takes a long time when they put the wrong parts in the box! Have been waiting 3 weeks for the correct part with no promise date. Not happy with the whole deal right now. The time I get the part grilling season could be over! North American grille made in China???

Garbage!will last one year only.
Don’t waste your time putting it together and money. Shame on Woot selling such a low end piece of crap!

I spray the newspaper with a little bit of cooking spray. It’s very easy and works well. I think I got that tip from Alton Brown.

I don’t have this grill, but I converted from a gas grill to a Weber kettle a few years ago, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I’m using Kingsford briquets right now, but lump charcoal and a chimney starter are da bomb. Steaks, chicken, veggies, smoked pork shoulders, and briskets all come out great.

HEY !! … I got this the last time it was offered. I wonder? If I order another one will I have all the parts I need?

Buyer understand its SCRATCHed and BENT AND DENTed. To be honest I would not use the term heavy duty because well, is not.

If woot! would sell the Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker 22" or the Ranch Kettle that would make me quite happy. Just saying…

A bit over 10 years ago I bought almost this exact same model. They have changed it a bit but otherwise it was the same. I loved it. It worked as both a charcoal grill and wood smoker.

The control of the height of the charcoal was key to managing heat and the correct cooking of steaks and smoking/slow cooking of ribs.

The only reason I don’t have it any more is that I attached it to my deck and when we moved (after many years of useful service), I did not take it with us. (We sold the house with the grill)


Don’t buy it.
The front panel is incorrectly made and it doesn’t work. IT’S REVERSED!!! Can’t get a replacement from factory and WOOT WON"T REFUND YOUR PURCHASE. Also, it’s FAR, FAR, from heavy duty.