Chef's Choice Manual Knife Sharpener

I bought 2 of these last time around. Worth every penny. Gifted one to the In-Laws and sharpened their very dull 1,000 yr old knife collection in short order. Spend 3-5 minutes on the middle #2 slot, wiped off then spent 3-5 minutes on the far right #3 slot. Hit each knife with a sharpening steel to get rid of any burrs and Voila, sharp as all hell. The #1 “Asian” Slot even brought back an old Zhen Santoku bought at a yard sale years ago.

If you’re looking for a manual sharpener that actually works then this is the one.

Oh, and actually put some freakin’ effort into it the first time you go to sharpen an old dull knife. I mean go back and forth for a few minutes in both #2 and #3 and then hit it with a Sharpening Steel. You won’t be disappointed.