Chili Names?

I’m making 2 chili’s for our bureau’s chili cookoff and I’m trying to think of good names for 'em.

The first entry’s main ingredients are pork shoulder and pumpkin. Beanless. Best name I have so far is “Pig-O-Lantern Chili”

The second entry is going to be a super hot batch. Steak, Pork, and Turkey… I’m putting Jalapenos and Naga Jolokia (Ghost Peppers) in it (Thought maybe Habaneros but I’m not crazy about the flavor… plus they seem to cause a “Habanero Bloat”)… Also beanless (Not a bean fan obviously). The names I have so far are “Smith’s Farm on Fire Chili” or “Satan’s Livestock”

I’d appreciate any feedback / improved names… I was also thinking about seeing if artist could 23-skadoo up me a design… to give my entry a little extra coolness.

“spamkin” (spam is supposedly pork shoulder and ham)

“agent smith’s ghost matrix chile”

Maybe I should just use Spam… cheaper than pork shoulder… plus there’s a category for mystery ingredient and most unusual.

Ghosts of Diarreah future Chili.
I was thinking of going with the often overused “You’ll Crap Fire Chili”

I don’t want to scare EVERYBODY off from trying it.

Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Charmin’s Ghost Chili

Mmmmm Chili… nice…

For the hot one:
Johnny Cash Special (aka: Burning Ring of Fire)

That’s all I got…

“Shruggin’ Gourd”

“Fresh Flesh Afire”

Porkin’ Punkin’

Tres Picantes Carnes

Cowboy Zombie Chili

Holy Chili.

One bite, and you’ll see Jesus.

I actually LOL’d when I read that… That’s the name I used… Got the Golden Crock-pot for best named chili.

And hottest chili… by a landslide. :smiley: