Chocolate Chocolate Mini Bars

Chocolate Chocolate Mini Bars

What?! Why?! They’re not even real chocolate!

So you can buy 50 of these mini bars direct from the company for $49.95 or you can buy 40 from woot for $54.95?!

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Woot “Jumped the Shark” when amazon bought them, sad it used to be a great place.

LOL. Never get tired of hearing this. Oh wait, yes I do.

I’m still here every day, it’s fun and you can get some deals while you goof off in the forum, that’s what brought me here and keeps me coming back. Business grew… you just gotta keep an eye out for the deals. I’ve never heard of these chocolates, but was nice to see what’s out there. Doesn’t mean I’m buying, still.


I miss the old Woot… where they would do crazy things during the day, like have a staffer try to eat an 8-foot cake…

Wait, that was last week. Nevermind, I like the current Woot too.


Yeah! One… Wait … Wtf! There’s no fan emoji? Fans all around

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Usually it’s just a designation for the first buyer of the day but in this case “First Sucker” seems appropriate.

You get 4 bags of these. so, 80 bars, not 40. 2 bags of milk chocolate, and 2 bags of dark.