The Good Chocolate Family 4 Pack

The Good Chocolate Family 4 Pack

20 grams of erythritol per bar and 13 grams of saturated fat= Good bar?

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At 56 dollars a pound it better be “Best in the world” not just “Good” chocolate. Seriously who is their right mind is going to buy 56 dollars a pound chocolate in the middle of summer and have it go 4 or 5 days in transit?

Good catch.

Woot provided factory web link. Their price is cheaper than Woot! :grinning: Woot is doing this kind of pricing more often now. Not good trend!


Did you factor in shipping?

The Good Chocolate charges $6.95 for shipping, whereas Woot can offer free shipping.

I say can, because, for some reason, it doesn’t look like Woot is including shipping into the price, unlike how Gourmet used to work…

@davejlives - ?

There is a 15% coupon at top of page. But my true point is: Woot is no longer always offering best prices and sometimes listing inflated original price.

Everyone knows MSRP is only a real number on The Price is Right and nowhere else.


If you don’t have Prime, this is definitely not a deal. At checkout, total is 43.71.

If you go directly to TGC website you can get ANY four flavors you want for 34.15 if you use the coupon code on the website.

Also, the TGC website doesn’t charge tax and Woot is? What the deuces?

Is Woot incapable of finding good deals or do they assume we’re too lazy to check the prices?

Edit: even WITH prime it’s still more expensive! Cause of the tax.

$35 for 10 oz of chocolate… is… a deal?
For that price, it had better be sweetened with a controlled substance.


It’s good if you’re into diarrhea.

Hey there, we incorrectly put that this is a 4-pack when it is actually a 6-pack. Sorry for the confusion on this and the sale has been updated!

While this definitely counts as a “deal” now (for those who like chocolate without sugar) I’m curious as to why Woot charges sales tax on this when the vendor doesn’t?