Cobra 12 Band Digital Radar/Laser Detector with Compass & Voice Alert

Yay! Flout the law on a budget!

I mean… monitor RF like the FCC says you can!


I’ve got a Cobra 5 or 6 band, I can’t remember, and it works great. For this price I might get another one for the Mrs.

Doesn’t help me at all while i’m traveling down MSR Tampa…

dont work
state troopers got too smart for these

Hm. My comments pages are looking strange - plain text with no woot graphics… WHY WOOT, WHY?

Good price for a good radar detector if you take Amazon’s word for it, although it is a refurb, so factor that in…

Illegal in my state.

On another note: I thought and thought about changing my w00t-appointed avatar, but I began to notice things about it…

The head is the old w00t green, which I complained about quite a bit when they changed it on the website to this brighter green. I do wear glasses to complete the “hot librarian” look. The yellow legs (I’ll pretend they’re not suggesting I’m a cougar…they know better) remind me that the only w00t monkey I don’t own is the one with the yellow cape. “Hmmm,” I said to myself, “maybe w00t put more thought into this avatar than I realized.”

I think I’ll keep it.

How have we come this far without anyone mentioning the obvious?

Woot! Woot! That’s da sound of da police!

I’m glad we’ve come so far with this wootoff since i went to bed yesterday :smiley:

wish there was a detector that could spot the airplane or helicopter in the sky timing your between points. LOL

Just FYI: It is illegal to use a radar or laser detector in Manitoba, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, and Quebec - but legal in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and the Yukon/Nunavut/Northwest Territories.

Except in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Plea not guilty. When you go to court both cops, the spotter in the air and the one on the ground, have to show up to testify. If one is missing, there is no way they can convict. Chances are both won’t show.