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tastes great, less F5-ing -

Cobra 12 Band Digital Radar/Laser Detector with Compass & Voice Alert [Refurbished] - $49.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Cobra XRS 9740 Ultra Performance 12 Band Digital Radar/Laser Detector with Compass & Voice Alert

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I have had some problems with these working in tunnels-- like the Holland Tunnel, for example… any work arounds?..

A test on YouTube

+1 for Cobra Customer Support (Customer Service out of Chicago and not Bangalore).

I have the little brother to this one, the Cobra XRS 9400, and recently ‘rebuilt’ it when the speaker inside of it stopped working. For $10 I had a new one shipped, put it in myself, and whala! I’m back to having robocop chick voice bustin’ some fuzz and savin’ me green.

Do you know what song is playing in that video?

That’s the best part of the video. Doesn’t really show anything but the display lol

People who think they are ticket proof are the ones who get tickets.

Save your money, it won’t do you any good if cops are using laser.

Its Russia Privjet by Basshunter

Radar detectors aren’t perfect… Like most tech there has to be a healthy amount of common sense involved before it really does any good. I had an escort 8500 and it saved me a few tickets… However, they are not foolproof. Keep your eyes open. Maybe don’t buy that bright red BMW and they won’t notice you.

Do note that Radar/Laser Detectors are illegal in some states and countries. Make sure your country or state isn’t on the banned list. Just warning some of you before you’re found with one and fined.

Anyone owns one? Not many helpful reviews out there…

To anyone thinking about buying this, don’t. There are many better ones, and the cobra series of radar detectors will only give you a false sense of security. Look to escort, valentine, etc.

Radar laws across the U.S.

Also, as a cop, I’d like to tell everyone to be careful with radar detectors. We’re not all stupid enough to run our radar constantly, which is the only way these will work. Just be reasonable with your speed and you probably won’t get a ticket… from me anyway. Drive Safe!

How is a cop going to gun you in the Holland Tunnel? How are you going to be going fast enough in the Holland Tunnel to get a ticket?

I love when cops tell you that radar detectors don’t work. I have had my cobra for 3 years now. And it has saved me from numerous tickets. It is true that radar detectors are not 100% fool proof, but if you are traveling on a busy hwy or interstate, like most of them here in Atlanta, then while the cops are shooting other drivers, you will be warned way in advance. I am not an excessive speeder anyway, but I don’t want a cop busting my balls for 10 over. I know for a fact that it saved me a huge ticket on Friday. The guy about a half mile behind me got pulled over instead. And at this price, it wouldn’t be a bad investment. 55 bucks wouldn’t even come close to your court cost.

Mine is the Cobra XRS 757 - 12 band radar/laser detector.

However, if the person you ticket knows his stuff, he’ll bring up in court the fact that the manual for your radar guns says that POP radar is unreliable and shouldn’t be used to issue tickets.

lol yeah - went to kinko’s and printed out the entire tech manual as well as a whitepaper on doppler radar, etc. Upon my request to submit ~500 pages to evidence it was dismissed :smiley:

That must be case law for your state, I’ve never seen that.

Actually in my state radar isn’t really even admissible in court. You testify to your estimate of the speed and radar validates your estimate. Our radar school that we go through more trains us how to accurately estimate a drivers speed than to use only radar. In order to qualify you have to estimate speeds within 3 mph consistently.

I’m not trying to talk anyone out of anything. Just giving you my experience.