Compaq X Athlon 64 Gaming System


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Eh, it looks decent but its not for me. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow?


Wow! What a Woot!


no no no
compaq = comcrap!


WOOTERDAY ™!!! - A new day needs to be added so there is at least one day of rest. I vote for Wooterday! Sleep has to come sometime! Now, to figure out where to place it in the week [;)]

Compaq X Athlon 64 Gaming System

  • $5 shipping


Nice woot, but I don’t need a new computer.


Oooh, pretty! But, it’s a Compaq. Which means it’s an HP. Which means it sucks, basically. Even in the days before Compaq merged with HP, Compaq’s were the second-worse home computers on the planet. The worst home computers were HP, of course.

Seems a bit steep even if it were new, and it’s a refurb. Not for me, that’s for sure. Keep trying, Woot…I do like the computer hardware, but parts would be better than a whole computer.




no thanks


Too rich for my blood.


I wish!


Don’t need a computer :(.


not bad… 1st?


tooooo much!






comon enough with the computers, already




can we stop brown nosing HP?? GEEZ!!!