Connect3D 4GB Secure Digital Memory Card

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Connect3D 4GB Secure Digital Memory Card
$24.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Connect3D 4GB SD Memory Card

Oh no not a SD Card, my phone takes MicroSD :frowning:

None for me today.

Looks good, but who the heck is Connect3D?

Dang, my Fuji takes xD

Wow, that’s actually not a bad price.

Can the Wii handle a 4GB SD card?

My camera can only use 2GB

What devices even support 4GB cards now?

Bah…I was looking for an insecure card…

“Fast data transfer” = ???
What kind of specs are those, marketing specs?

Also… anyone know… Palm TX compatible?

“The choice is yours: either RTFM or STFU.”

I love you woot.

Could someone quantify “Fast Data transfer”?

Holy freaking crap, 4 gigs for 25 bucks? That’s almost as good as a hard drive!

Anyone know how to make an SD card RAID? :stuck_out_tongue:

well it is not a roomba
if my digital camera used sd cards I would be in
I need compact flash
I don’t think my treo 650 will read a card this large

I personally think this is a decent deal… if I didn’t sell my Dell Axim X51v, I woulda def picked this up!

I think this will work on my Treo 700w

LOL RTFM or STFU that is too funny. These things work great in my Treo.

Got 3 monkeys!!

Anyone know if this will work with the Wii?

Looks like an awesome deal… I might just be in for one. Has anyone heard of this brand name?