Constitution Cola

Well spoken!

Fortunately Trump is fighting back against the liberal attacks on it.



Love it!

Oh yay, another day of political discussion in a shirt design thread. :\

Congrats on your Derby win, Fishbiscuit! :slight_smile:

I hear you!

We should enjoy it while we can. The Democrats might make it back someday if they don’t implode first. (IMHO)

Here’s hoping “Constitution Cola” retains its classic formula and doesn’t get reformulated into a fiasco like that “other cola” did 32 years ago.

IKR? A political discussion about a political shirt design…what is the world coming to?!? :slight_smile:

If we post cat pics, would that drown out the politics?

StarKnightTofu is right!

It is based!

Based on fact.

Sorry Rainbow, but the shirt itself started this political discussion.

too true

Cool and clever; lesser drinks and demogogues start with a P ; )

Wow, that was 32 years ago? Seems like yesterday!

Anyway, no reformulation needed for the Constitution, despite what you may hear from some people. :frowning:

I mean… you kind of had to know it was inevitable.

The shirt started the discussion, not people posting.

Thanks to everyone who voted for this to get printed. :slight_smile: I don’t mind political conversations. At the end of the day, we’re all Americans and love this country. If you don’t like the design, there’s a new derby going on right now. Head over and vote for some cool racing themed designs!