Cooler Master CK552 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Cooler Master CK552 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Does anyone know how this compares to other items on sale like the razor huntsman tournament edition and such? I’m brand new to mechanical keyboards but I’ve been shopping them. This one has solid reviews although I understand the keys are not hot swappable.

The razor keyboard makes some pretty extreme claims. Although I don’t really plan on using it primarily for gaining, but rather word processing and writing. I’m also open to any other suggestions for an entry-level price point.

I don’t even know which switches to go with, but if I get this one I have to use red switch. But I’ve never tried any of them, so I’m not sure which I would prefer. Are red switches clicky?

Red switches are linear mechanical switches, so the travel is smooth without the tactile bump or click like that of blue switches.

Blue switches are the loud, clicky type – these are the most common type when folks think mechanical. These switches offer both tactile and audible feedback. In an office environment, it may annoy others.

Brown switches fall in between the red and the blue – there’s a tactile bump like the blue, but without the “click” like the red.

Black switches are also linear like the red, but require more force – think typewriter heavy.

There are others too, but these four are the most common colors. If you’re uncertain to which type would be the most comfortable, consider purchasing a ‘key switch sampler’.


Thank you this is extremely helpful